Spencer Sanders' Leadership Necessary for OSU Offense with Several New Starters

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Sanders’ intangibles make him the unquestioned starter for OSU.

Leadership? That’s not what we need. What we need is a better quarterback, one that dosent give the ball to the defense.

Ok, it’s been one game, chief. After not practicing due to COVID protocols. I want to see more consistency from his as well, but it’s waaaaay too early in the year to say he hasn’t made progress.

Well I mean he’s looked like he has the last two years so. Let’s see what he does next game. I’m sorry but Iv seen enough of him. He’s not the answer. He’s thrown 20 interceptions in two years so pretty sure we’re not going to see him just start lighting it up. But ok.

“He’s learned a lot during his four years in Stillwater, but he’ll be the first to admit that he’s not finished learning, or improving.”

It’s amazing to me that he has a head coach who is a former college QB and a QB coach that was formerly in the NFL, and he still looks like a freshman.

He’s on his 4th year on campus. How much more of him do you really need to see?

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No kidding. The best game Sanders has played was his very first one at Oregon State. I have seen zero improvement since then. PFB’s refusal to call a spade a spade on this guy is astounding.

“Its been one game, chief”…Dude, hes started 21 games & has thrown 21 INT’s. This is his 4th year on campus. I admit that he can absolutely turn it around and be the QB that he was supposed to be coming out of HS…but 21 games is plenty of tape to show what kind of QB you are and likely will continue to be

I know u will come back with rattler has only been on campus 3 years.
Rattler a heisman hopeful thrower to pics in his first game.

I dnt know what happen on that play,but some one was not on the rite page.

21 games is less than two seasons. You could fill a phone book with QBs who blossomed within or after two seasons.

He had a strong bowl game against Miami and then he comes in a week late to the season. So, was the bowl game a fluke or was it a turning point and this Tulsa game was a difficult situation? I’ve never been a huge Sanders fan, so I’m not fanboying here. I’m just saying it’s premature to see him struggle in one game–a game in which he also started making some needed plays in the second half–and say there was no offseason development.

Let’s keep some perspective here:

  • He has gone through different OCs and the OC switch happened during an abridged COVID off-season.
  • He has had to come back from injury.
  • The start of his season got disrupted by COVID protocol and he likely didn’t get prepped for the game like he needed to be.

He threw a terrible pick and he threw another pretty awful ball that should have been a pick and he fumbled. That’s not great. It looks like same old Spencer. I’m just saying there have been some things that could have slowed his development outside of his control and that the way he debuted this game wasn’t an ideal circumstance either. I think there’s still some benefit of a doubt here, and more importantly, with the positives he brings, you should hope he can/has developed.

I’ve flirted with the “Start Shane” plan, but I don’t see any more out of Illingworth that sparks excitement. I can give him the benefit of a doubt, too, but what makes you think he’s more polished? I didn’t see anything against MSU that makes me think he’d lead us to more victories.


Very, very well said

I do not disagree with a single thing you said. But just to clarify, i wouldnt be clamoring for the backup at all. I have no doubt that Sanders is the best option by far. Im just saying that he is what he is, in my opinion. Completely agree on Sanders possibility of blossoming from here on out…or that he has shown to be exactly who he is. You touched on it it a little by saying the INT and fumble. Those have nothing to do with different OC’s, Covid, or anything strategic oriented. That is solely due to poor decision making, which is something that is almost impossible to rectify once the bullets start flying.

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Hey I agree with you on most things but you have got to get this crap right.

Brandon Weeden threw 26 interceptions in the two years he was the starter.

While throw twice as meaning passes. He was also throwing a chit load more td.

Weeden was also throwing to the best receiver OSU has ever had.

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Everybody knows I have never been 110% behind Sanders.
There were a lot of broken plays.
I know there a people who believe we run 3 plays.
It’s had to have half the offense new to their spots.

Dez bryant?

Not even close.

Sanders May not had the best yet, but he has throw to some good ones.
It would help if Sanders wouldnt throw short and actually throw to his recievers

Till we get a quarterback who can complete 67% or better, we ain’t winning any hardware.

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Would you rather have Spencer Sanders or Spencer Rattler taking the snaps for OSU right now?