Spencer Sanders Named to Maxwell Watch List for College Football's Most Outstanding Player

Originally published at: Spencer Sanders Named to Maxwell Watch List for College Football's Most Outstanding Player | Pistols Firing

Sanders is one of 85 on the preseason list.

This is great. Sanders has improved each year. He only needs 8 wins to tie mason. If we can get improvement on a couple of things it will be a great year again.

I enjoyed getting a good laugh this morning from learning that SS is on the A list of QBs.

Yea i know why would they he only had 500 yards of offense against a top 10 team in his last game. What morons.

Maxwell i believe is not a qb award also.

Can we and gundy be honest from here on out? SS is Mr. Inconsistent since he’s been here. For gundy to tell us that he has been “fantastic” for us is just not true. He’s average at best on most days and can play really good and flawless ball one or two games a year. It’s like Westbrook right, you see the athleticism and it blinds people’s perception of the truth. Please Gundy please quit lying to us.

Lol like you jeff first you tell us 90% of the players hate gundy. The you tell us he wont give a scholarship to a qb that tulsa never did.

A magician? Pretty good at making you think he’s going to throw to his team and then abracadabra, he throws 4 picks to the other team. I mean if gundy is this high on SS then he has no business in the discussion of recruiting QB’s from here on out. Gundy drives me nuts.

Gundy needs to grow a pair and just say the truth and that is that he can be really good when he makes right decisions and doesn’t give the ball to the other team and that’s what he needs to do this year for us to be successful. I feel like he enables his players when it comes to making mistakes.he treats them like glass. Grow a pair coach!

Your such an idiot Robert0 LOL. You put your tiny foot in your mouth every time you talk. Hey, why don’t you google Tulsa quarterback recruits 2023. Let me and others on here what you see. I’ll be waiting for you to come back and say you are wrong.

Coaches lie. There’s no need to tell the media in July that your best option at QB has flaws. Go find me one single coach that’s saying that at a media day?!?!


He’s done this every time he’s talked about sanders even in the middle of the season after loses. So do all coaches do that?

In college football…….there are very, very few negatives that get thrown out about QB’s. And in this era of the transfer portal……I’ll bet you see it even less. QB criticism to the media isn’t found very often because it divides a lockeroom. That’s not a good model for doing business

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Agree now days with transfer portal to not just rip your QB to the media but it’s not ripping him by saying what I said. If he leaves by saying that then he shouldn’t play football.

Tell me what good it does your QB and your team as a whole to say something negative about him in July?

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Is that negative? You don’t think those kids played in the big twelve championship? You don’t think there are kids that are thinking the same thing? I must be different because if I played on this team with sanders and my coach always praised him and told the media that he has been fantastic for us all the time while I look down at my fingers and see no ring? I wouldn’t like that one bit but that’s me.

Seems like that could divide the locker room

I guess there’s no accountability.

You praise a player in public. You criticize him in private. Not in the media. If I’m on a team & my coach is roasting a teammate/leader in public to the media…….then he’s not my coach. He’s not pulling on the same rope as I am. Being accountable can be accomplished in many ways without turning to the media to do it. You can criticize in generalities. You stand there and tell people “we gotta protect the ball”. You don’t say “Spencer is a turnover machine”.

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I respectfully disagree. What I said is no way roasting a kid. To me it’s holding him accountable and also praising him in the same breath. Too soft for my blood. I would be upset hearing that as a player

So……you’re saying a kid that is bothered by hearing a coach criticize him is soft……but you’d be bothered by hearing a coach tell the media the positives about a player…….does that make you soft too?

You don’t know what Gundy or his staff does behind closed doors. I admit I don’t either. But I’ve got a pretty good idea based on the locker rooms I’ve been in & I’m sure EVERYONE is held accountable. Just because you don’t do it in public doesn’t mean it’s a love fest.