Spencer Sanders Ranked 65th in PFF's 2021 QB Power Rankings

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Sanders is listed seventh among Big 12 quarterbacks.

Having the 65th best QB for a team that wants to be top 15 to top 10 isn’t going to cut it. Impossible to beat top 20 teams consistently with the 65th best QB In college football.

But it does hit the nail on the head. Sanders as of yet is a middle of the road qb.
All hopes are that we see the Sanders of the last 2 games, but I’m hoping for better.

7th best quarterback in the conference to go with the 4th best coach in the conference.

But yet we win every year.
Just another article for u to mention gundy u must really love him.

Where do they hang all those 4th place banners?

In ur room u must see them all the time.
What I want to know is what can of loser points out things they dnt like. I know it’s not a therapy practice.

Pretty bad. Unless he makes significant improvements in the first few games Shane should be playing out the season.


Says a lot about OSU ability to develop a quarterback.

If Sanders doesn’t get it this year its at best bad evaluation. Gundy has developed good amount last being corndog. We all know he was a 2 star qb no body wanted turn into a top 5 national passer.

I think he started out the season ranked 8th, you know right where his team finished.

We have discussed that many times. 95th defense and kicker missing kickes. So as a team member he did his part. No Matter how u try and deflect it he was a top 5 passer. Kind of like the kansas city qb.

Stop raging on Sanders, finishing 4th is better than 7th or 9th like in the Corndog days. Isn’t that your excuse for Gundy.

BTW have I told you how much fun this is.

Look I have no idea why u sticking up for Sanders.
He plays for gundy.
So far he has shown he is a 4th place team leader.
Both u can’t stand. So take ur false mockery some where else.
I bet u think ur smart. Since u hang out on a horse all day, I guess u get delusional.

The exact same reasons for keeping Gundy can be used with Sanders. His record is better than the guy before him. It could be worse if you replace him. And if he gets to stay and play longer than anyone else, he could own the record books.

I know in ur mind( lack of math skills) gundy has more wins because he coached more years. In reality ( I’m sorry really should not use that word anywhere a round u) it’s because he winning more games.
Only pappy has better % .

Look at all those quarterbacks ranked ahead of him that he beat. Doesn’t that make him great?

What records is Sanders going to do most turnovers. Mason has all the longevity records

It’s been a complete team effort to win with Sanders. Thats great coaching

Here is what I hate: we are now back to the situation we were in most of my life until I’d say a decade back, after making the facility upgrades. For several years between ‘10 and ‘17 or so, we didn’t really know who would win Bedlam and I could handle that - at least having a chance. Now we’re back to knowing OU will and just wondering by how many scores. That is where we are.

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