Spencer Sanders Set to Transfer to Ole Miss, Also Considered Auburn

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QB1 has found a new home in the SEC.

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I wish him well, but I highly doubt he’ll get much playing time.


Well, I guess that’s that… good luck SS


Godspeed to Spencer.

But… hope he gets his degree and puts it to use. I don’t believe that he has the acumen to coach or the talent to play at any next level for very long. The Ol’ Miss roster will have him running the scout team all year in Oxford barring injuries. :face_with_peeking_eye:

GO POKES!! :cowboy_hat_face: :basketball: :cowboy_hat_face: :basketball: :cowboy_hat_face:


I thought he’d go to either Florida (losing Anthony Richardson to NFL draft if he gets drafted, definitely a PROJECT) or Wake Forest (lost QB1 to ND). LSU transfer Walker Howard is also going to Ole Miss: Walker Howard transfers to Ole Miss: Ex-LSU QB, top available transfer stays in SEC West with Rebels - CBSSports.com

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Good luck Spencer.

My favorite former OSU women’s golfer – Isabella Fierro – left Stillwater about this time last year. She landed at Ole Miss but never played a single event. Think she eventually turned pro.



He’ll start at Ole Miss. Not sure where you get that he “won’t get much playing time”

Where are you guys getting that Sanders is going to be some backup?


Walker Howard is unproven AT BEST. He could be a better QB than Sanders at some point. But not in Sep of this year

What about Jaxon Dart who started for them all year and led them to a top 10 team? Sanders is insurance incase he gets hurt. He can’t throw well enough to operate Kiffins offense unless they go to a more option style, why would he have taken so long to commit if he knew he’d be the starter?


Why would Kiffin bring in 2 portal QB’s if he’s happy with Dart? Kiffin RUNS THE QB ALOT. Dart averaged 13 carries the last 5 games. Ole Miss lost 5 of their last 6, including the Egg Bowl. Dart is nowhere close to being the clear cut #1 & the fact that Kiffin brought in Sanders should be enough to show you that.

As for how long it took Sanders to commit, I’m unsure. My guess is that he really wanted to be back in Stillwater up until a month ago.

Just an opinion. We are ALL entitled to one. Sorry if it offends you.

I don’t think he usurps Dart and they have two others who are supposed to be studs as well.

But, just my humble opinion!! :innocent:


I hope SS starts. I hope he stays healthy. I hope he wins 9 games (but not more). And I hope he gets drafted.

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I think he brought him in for depth. If Sanders ends up out playing him through the spring then great but my feeling is Dart will be the starter and Sanders is a gimmick/backup qb. I think he went to Ole Miss because he realized he can’t start anywhere else without going to a smaller school or a school that isn’t going to compete. Ole Miss will probably be in the mix for the SEC west next year so at least he’s competing for something

So you think they brought in a 4yr starter, with the resume that Sanders has………to be a backup? Go find me a guy that has portaled to be a backup that has the resume Sanders does?

I simply asked your thoughts big fella. No offense taken or given.

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I see your logic but don’t you think it could just be a way to push Dart? Prior to the portal, they always said QB competition was a good thing. I think Spencer has the talent to start most anywhere but that injury history makes it hard to think someone would bring him in the to be “the guy” on a 1 year deal.

Could it be? It COULD. I think it’s unlikely, but it could. I don’t think Sanders would’ve gone there for a “come make Dart a better player”. If that was the scenario……why go there? He could’ve gone to Auburn, Florida or even declared for the NFL and taken his chances. Again, Sanders has proven so far to be a better QB than Dart. Sanders had a bad finish……but people are quick to forget how good he’s shown he can be when healthy.

Look up the road in Norman. They brought in a QB with injury history. It happens. I just find it extremely unlikely that somehow Dart is this clear QB1.

I think Sanders screwed up entering the portal. I don’t think he will be starting at ole miss like he would’ve been here.