Spencer... What is in a name?

…at times?? …lately?? When that becomes MOST times, CONSISTENTLY… he gets absolution. We have yet to score a point in the 3rd quarter of any game. Our second half offense playcalling and strategy has been abysmal and should have cost us games… including SW MISSOURI STATE! jmho…

I can appreciate your respect of Gundy and do not fault you at all for it. Thanks for the reply. Go Pokes!!

“Some of the better defensive teams are coming up on the schedule and they’ll have more and more film on Williams and his tendencies” If more film is the issue……they’ll have much less film on Williams than they would of Rattler. So by your theory of the less film the better…….then Williams is a better option.

“If he’s super talented, then he might pull off some great wins, but he’s going to make mistakes” Well he is definitely “super talented”. There’s no doubt about that. They all make mistakes. Mistakes at the QB position happen.

“ Yeah, the change won them this game , but probably at the cost of others this season”
Ok, this is ignorant. So a HC pulls his starter & inserts the backup……who won the game. How is that a negative? How is him making that decision somehow going to be detrimental to them the rest of the year? Would Riley & OU be better off long term if he stuck with Rattler & they lost? That’s idiotic

“You can’t go back to Rattler now (he’ll probably be in the portal tomorrow), so let’s say Williams starts getting exposed (Texas’s D isn’t that good and they had no film on him). You’re stuck with the young guy for the year.” First off, OU won’t feel “stuck” with Caleb Williams. You talk as though he’s just some random backup who just happened to catch fire. There is also a chance that he plays really well……which is opposite of the scenario that you laid out. The Big 12 isn’t loaded with defensive juggernauts. I think the most likely scenario is that OU does lose a game, wins the Conf, gets in the playoff and gets drilled again. That’s much more likely than all of a sudden Lincoln Riley starts losing 2/3 more games games in the Big 12 because of bad QB play. If OU starts to fall off a cliff later this season, I highly doubt it’s because of Caleb Williams

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Some one mention webber. Nagal has update him as a osu pick. His date was I thought in December. On his tweet has has an :crystal_ball: for the 18th. So I hope we’re get 2 guys in a week. Webber

Were I still the Sooner fan that I was growing up, before attending oSu, watching Greg Pruitt and that era, playing Nebraska most Thanksgiving weekends in the old Big 8… I would so very sarcastically have renamed him Spencer ‘Rattled’ by now… hehehehehe I hope he DOES start the bedlam game. But still don’t like our chances with our own Spencer ‘Rattled’. lol

Ou only has 2 or 3 good defense left to play. But, they will get more film on Williams because he will be playing. That Texas defense was a joke. He will be a handful for alot of teams.

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More film absolutely makes it tougher. I don’t disagree at all. But the dude earlier was acting like OU should do something different.

As for defenses, I don’t think Texas’s Defense is any good. I think OU’s is average. Iowa St’s is ok. OSU’s may be the best in the Conf, but I still don’t think that’s real good either. Caleb Williams could easily lead OU to an undefeated regular season & Big 12 title. But a Big 12 title is not where this team has the bar set for this year. And the way this team looks, it has no chance at beating someone in a playoff gsme.

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I really wasn’t even super impressed with Williams. Don’t get me wrong, they lose that game if rattler stays in obviously, but all of his big plays carried quite a bit of luck. Throw those same passes against us and they’re getting picked off. He also had an hour to throw every time he dropped back to pass, which won’t happen against us. Even on his long TD run foster got to him in the backfield and then literally just made zero attempt to tackle him. Just kinda tapped him on the butt and walked away. Really strange play there.

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I’m with when he came out of the pocket he was free. If he didn’t throw it he could have walked for 10 yards.
I’m glad he throw those passes. Our defense would at least knock them down, that’s better then him running free.

Wasn’t going on with isu. Are they just going to go under the radar. I’ve never been overly impressed with purty. He can be got to. They have a good scheme.

So……a true Freshman gets inserted into the Cotton Bowl. He throws for 212yds and runs for 88yds, throws for 2 TDS, runs for 1 TD……IN ONE HALF OF FOOTBALL. Oh yeah, he also did not commit a turnover. If that’s not “super impressive” to you…….then you sir have an extremely high bar. You say his “big plays carried a quite a bit of luck”, I disagree. There’s “luck” I guess in a lot of situations. But him throwing a ball 60+ on the run isn’t luck. That’s arm talent. Him picking up a dropped snap, firing a rope into a tight window on 3rd down for a TD in the Texas end of the stadium isn’t “luck”. That’s poise. That’s arm talent. That’s mobility. Those aren’t “luck”. Him waiting for a hole to develop and then breaking a tackle to outrun guys on his way to a 66 yd TD run on 4th down isnt “luck”.

OSU’s defense is much better than the one Texas puts out there every Sat so they will definitely be a tougher matchup for Williams & OU. But I’ll have to wait and see before I’m ready to say he’s gonna get picked off a few times and/or fumble it too during Bedlam. You may be right. But for you to assume that based off of his performance in the Cotton Bowl is going out on a massive, massive limb.

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Purty isn’t very good. He seems like he’s digressed over the years. I honestly this is really what type of talent Iowa St is. I think last year was the exception to the rule. They’re a good team. Not great at all. Not real talented. Just a tough, gritty team. The three “good” teams in this Conf are OU, OSU & Texas. But as far as how those 3 compare to the rest of the college football world……who the hell knows. I think this is just another year in which it’s the SEC & everybody else. OU is talented, but they’ve shown thru 6 games who they are. There’s a chance Williams turns this team into something way better than they’ve shown so far……but I doubt it. My eyeballs tell me that OU is just a little better than the rest of the a bad Conf. OSU may win the Conf. Texas May too. OU is the favorite. But I don’t think any of the 3 are anything to brag about

Purty ran more. Not sure if he is try to prove his is a pro style. They have a system.
Williams will be a handful for everybody. I can only hope he has a bad day with us.

Let me rephrase that then, if he runs that same sneak on 4th down vs us, especially with how quickly Texas was able to get upfield on that play, he doesn’t go the distance against us. Probably doesn’t even get the first. And either of the two prayers he threw don’t get completed against us. The Texas DBs had no clue where the ball was or what was going on. He also wouldn’t have 10+ seconds to throw those passes against us. Point being, what he got away with Saturday doesn’t fly against good defenses. He never had to make any tight throws or anything.

We have a little difference of opinion, which is fine. I guess we can just wait and see. You think the OSU defense is a little better than what I do, which is fine. I think theyre the best defense in a Conf full of bad defenses. I will say that this statement “he never had to make any tight throws or anything” is false. You did not watch the game then. Go find that 14yd TD pass to Mims. Then go look at the final drive. You act like the Texas defense just had no one within 10 yards of a WR. You also may wanna pump the brakes on how bad that defense is until around 2:30 this coming Sat.

I think the Texas defense is basic the same they had last year, minus their big play maker the de.
Last year we scored 34 points while turning te ball over 4 times.
Tcu scored 29 while turning over 3 times this year.
Tech scored 35. I think had 2 turnovers
Ou scored 52 with 2 turnovers and a qb change
Yes ur rite the Texas d is better then we think.

Ehh Texas is giving up 40 points per game to FBS teams. They gave up 360 rushing yards on basically a first down per carry to OU. Thats not a defense to write home about. OU had a 3rd and short on the last drive of the game and Texas ran a 3 man front with zero gap LBs.:joy::joy: if there was a playbook full of ten thousand defensive plays, that would literally be the last call you would ever want to use in that situation. Brooks was 15 yards downfield before anyone got close to him. Their gap assignments are also atrociously bad, as you saw on just about every run play Ou had all game, especially on the house call runs in short yardage. We’ll put it this way- Out of the 3 conference teams OSU has played, this will be the worst defense they’ve faced.


We still have ou and tech defenses.
Tech has given up 70.
Ou just let an ok passer throw for 366 yards.
Just saying.

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OU’s defense isn’t bad. They just had a bad game (or Texas had a good offensive game, which worries me). That being said, once Ou started pressuring Thompson things went way downhill for Texas. That’s our specialty.

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Ou defense has had a few not great days. 35 Tulane. If u are talking about west Virginia, they just cant score on anybody.

Has anybody heard if Texas got a couple of line man hurt.