Spring Football: OSU Returns a Lot of Talent, Production at Linebacker

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The Cowboys return plenty of star power at LB, and add even more.

In my mind, LB is not a position of much depth or productivity. Wright is experienced, but hardly played last year, nor did Roberson, Brown or Utu. Oliver is an edge rusher and Daniels is a Safety, albeit a big one. As for true LB’s, it’s really just Martin and Wright. Maybe a couple of young guys will emerge to provide some quality depth.

How is LB not a position of productivity when Martin had 140 tackles last year?

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Talking about them as a position group. Martin is a beast.

Average not much depth if one or two go down.

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I’ll say it right now. We SHOULD win the conference. Barring significant injuries, there’s no reason this team shouldn’t win the conference. Then again, I’ve watched us do less with more before as well.

This is why you become so critical during the season. You decide we are favorites to win the conference, when Vegas has us middle of the pack. Where does our QB rank in the B12? Where does our defense rank? We don’t really know. I think we will contend for the title, but to say we SHOULD and then later complain about is a fool’s errand.

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“ Fortunately for Oklahoma State, they returned 21 starters from the 2023 college football season. The Cowboys finished the season 10-4 with a Texas Bowl victory over Texas A&M.”

Source: Sports Illustrated

Thats good for second in the nation (Only behind Virginia Tech). So yes, excuse me if I expect a team that won ten games last season, and returns the second most starters in the country to win a conference absent of blue bloods :man_shrugging:. What else needs to go Gundy’s way for him to get a second conference title before he finishes year 20 at OSU?

Bill is getting his feelings hurt now. Again, starters are nice but where do we rank at QB and defense?

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I wouldn’t keep up with Sports Illustrated, they can’t even determine the number of starters returning. Josiah Johnson, Xavier Benson and Anthony Goodlow all started. 22-3=19.

I think the real question is where do we rank in OC? Are we getting the results we need for the 15th highest paid OC in the country? Also, how are we utilizing our defense? Are we going to play to the player’s strengths? Or are we going to continue to force them into a spot they’re not very good at? Why do you think Gundy decided we needed more four man fronts?

Also, 19 starters is still a high number of returners, and OSU should be expected to win a conference without OU and Texas with those returning numbers regardless. You guys need to stop making excuses and start demanding results for years that are expected to be really good.

Utah returns 18 starters and a QB that won the P12 twice. They’re even favored by Vegas. But you don’t think they are a contender…?
You state that we should start demanding results. Demand them to who? I have absolutely no effect on the coaching hiring/firing process. You seem to think you do, but you are delusional. You can demand, scream accountability, protest, not go to games, complain on these sites, it will have the same effect as protesters at Columbia. It’s all good TV, but nothing is going to change.

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You need to understand they are excited with 4th and a camping world bowl or cheez it bowl or pop tarts or whatever they want to snack on.

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Not true, but I am not delusional to believe we will just wade through this conference just because we have 19 starters coming back. Utah has about 18 coming back. We’ll see more when the magazines start coming out.

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OSU was second last year if you weren’t paying attention.

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History shows we won’t win the conference even when everything goes our way. One time in 19 years!

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My question to you guys is why do you think that OSU’s program is better than Utah or Kansas St?

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I think Utah will contend, but if Bob and Mike are right (OU and Texas gone) and Gundy is as great as they say he is. There shouldn’t be any reason for us not to win the conference unless we have significant injuries.

I’ve heard so many excuses for why we can’t win a second conference title when K State and Baylor have both proven you don’t need to be a BB to win a second trophy. I also predicted what the excuses would be when OU and Texas both said they are leaving. We haven’t even started the season yet, and both of those clowns are already giving excuses as to why we shouldn’t expect to win the conference.

It keeps going back to what I originally said. What else do you need to go Gundy’s way before he can win his second conference title going into year 20?

That depends on what criteria we’re using. Utah is similar to OSU in wins, but has more conference titles. K State doesn’t have as many wins, but has more conference titles. I keep hearing the statement “You gotta win to build a major football program”.

While that statement is true. Thats not going to happen if you can’t prove to recruits or boosters you’re capable of winning your conference more than once. You’ll just end up being another Iowa.