Spring Preview: OSU's Defensive Line Returns a Lot of Talent and Depth

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The DL cupboard is full for incoming DC Derek Mason.

Is desean brown not gonna be on the line anywhere?

Can any of these guys play on the offensive line as well?

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That is weird could just be a fubar.

You would rather thin our defense. They are smaller too.

You don’t have any friends, do you?

They would probably still get more of a push than our offensive line would.

I’ve got plenty. Why do you ask?

Yea we tried it last year in the title game. I guess you were to busy watch gundy to notice.

OK, sure man. I don’t know that anyone would actually put up with your obsessive compulsive behavior.

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I wasn’t too busy. I was more focused on trying to figure out why we ran the 3rd string running back for the win, behind a beat up OL. Especially when we didn’t have a normal running game through three quarters.

OCD is when someone keeps thinking they’re going to win a conference title with a coach that keeps proving over the last decade he can’t do it.

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Like I said you must be to busy. I think we all say d linemen out there. We know why Jackson was out there. I’m sorry you dnt.

Ocd is someone who tries to fix things that are already fixed.

We haven’t fixed the Gundy mindset yet.

“Don’t take chances to win the game. Play it safe and hope you don’t lose.”

Mike Gundy

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If I remember correctly you blamed Jackson for not being able to get into the end zone. You didn’t even question the play call at all. No criticism of Gundy or Dunn for that. We know who your allegiance is to. It’s not the players or program. It’s to the coach only.

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Joey grow up. This topic has been discussed plenty.

Everyone on here has heard enough from you that we never need to hear your opinion again.

Lol rite. Why is everyone talk chit on you when u respond. Go back to sleep jug

Yes, thank you. I assume you were talking to Joe who has been on a tear since Gundy had a very good season.

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