Stories About Racial Language from Gundy's Past Have Come to Light This Week

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The stories are piling up.

Watch, now the NCAA is going to get involved and try to set things right by issuing a bowl ban for team.

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Why do I follow OSU sports? It is much cheaper and less time consuming to have my wife kick me in the balls night after night. Why pay OSU to stomp on my cubes?


Well idk how much longer we have left boys and girls . I really enjoyed what we had .

I hope these accusations aren’t true, but if I know the deceased that our university we’re buried on top of like I think I know them well then they will not rest .

Forgive me for not knowing this but why isn’t Switzer getting dragged into this debate. He is famous for using the N-word at OU. He would say that his players were bigger and blacker than yours and that they ran three plays, N-word left, N-word right, and N-word up the middle. I assume that’s about the same time period, right?

I know they are trying to paint Gundy as racist but this is getting a little scary. Are they going to cancel everyone who ever said anything in the past that is not pc today?


I really hope Gundy did not say this stuff in 1989. If so then IDK. It’s not my place to say whether he should or shouldn’t be forgiven. Anyone who could forgive him for something like that deserves a ton of respect.

But I also wonder what we’d find if we went back as far as three decades and did some deep digging and see what skeletons Shannon Sharpe, Paul Finebaum, Max Kellerman, Stephen A. Smith, and Skip Bayless have in their closet. Not even trying to defend Gundy with that, but just entirely separately…when TV news reporters read dirty laundry about people from long ago (Not including like violent crime/sexual abuse and stuff like that) with a gleam in their eye, so happy they’ve got their story…why don’t you tell us every bad thing you’ve ever done in your life?


We ALL have regrets .

Bayless should be easy he is from okc isn’t he ? Love his brother, loathe skip though.

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Kyle: Since you profess to be a Believer: “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.” I’m not the biggest Mike Gundy supporter but there are skeletons in er’body’s closet inc my own. Yes, I’ve used the acceptable form but not in reference about and/or to a black person, just around the homeys. Was it wrong? Yes. Does it condemn me or Mike to being a racist? You had better tread real carefully!

Your wife sounds like a dreamboat, LOL! I doubt she does all that in all honesty, hah hah.

Yup, one-year postseason suspension by those clowns.

Boom one quick google search and Stephen a smith came into hot water for saying “women may provoke domestic abuse” in regards to Ray Rice in 2014. Paul Finebaum was in hot water 4 years ago for saying “this country is not oppressing black people” can you imagine the reaction if Mike Gundy said that? now who wants to go deeper!?

Not me…because people are capable of changing

Also it seems to me like they all care WAY more about these things than Chuba or the team does. The team seems pretty adamant they just want to work to educate Gundy, who seems to be willing to listen, and move forward. God bless them for it, wish we could replace media members with the players from the football team. I’m going to trust their assessment of the situation far better than anyone who’s never been in an OSU locker room.


When you consider how rapidly society can shift towards a certain cause or issue that needs corrected, going back 30 years can be tricky. If he said it, not cool at all. That shouldn’t be a mystery to anyone. But consider for a moment the possibility that in 30 years, its considered racist by society to walk around with the assumption that all whites are subconsciously racist towards others. If you apply that, it would damning if you were to look back 30 years into alot of what’s going across peoples personal social media accounts at the present time, and find evidence that someone expressed that thought in some direct or indirect way. Even if it was something you could slip by with in this day and time, it may not be in 30 years, and you could find yourself facing Paula Dean reprocussions. Neither Gundys alleged slurs or this figurative scenario are okay. But PC then didn’t hold a candle to what it is now, even if it was a horrible thing to say. PC in 30 years will likely dwarf the current standards of conduct/interaction greatly. I know that seems like a weak comparison, due to that slur having been taboo for much longer than 30 years, but to go that far back brings in some interesting circumstances.

Well this looks like the cancel culture mob working on their next victim. I for one am sick of it. If OSU fires Gundy over a bunch of “he said she said” hearsay from decades ago then I am done with OSU football for awhile and possibly forever. I am sure that there are a few alums/students/fans out there who feel the same way I do. Also if the mob gets Gundy fired I’m betting there is a good chance that it will cause issues within the team resulting in a season lost. Perhaps more than one.

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This made me laugh out loud and I totally relate to it. 2020 has been an unbelievable roller coaster ride for OSU athletics.

Tired of this Gundy bashing rag

If it bleeds it leads !

Geez is this really all they’ve got. 1989. Geez I’ve said the N word the C word the B word and say an F bomb daily. Wanna get me fired because of words uttered in years past. You guys are pathetic and anyone supporting this drivel of an article is the same-drivel dirt woke pathetic P words.

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This stuff is sick. Gundy has. Coach or played with aa his whole life. First if he dropped the n word on a football in 1989 would that been the worst said that day. I 've a lot of tweets from players, there s.snowflakes. And, yes dew rag is a issue, read the tweets. Oan t-shirt hurt chuba’s feels, will so would a CNN to me. But, I wouldn’t cry about. Every time the say mullets racist. You know he started a charity, what better way to make a name. Media hate Gundy, remember I’m a man. That was him supporting an as player, and he takes he’ll over it for what 12 yrs

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All of this coming out about Gundy kind of makes me question the Rudolph situation last year. I know it isn’t fair to him at all but that is the direction my mind goes. It just seems like a possibility now that maybe Rudolph did use that racial slur and perhaps the issues with the OSU program are deeper than we’re aware. I don’t want to believe it, but that thought does creep in now.