Stories About Racial Language from Gundy's Past Have Come to Light This Week

Mike Gundy needs to go and Kasey Dunn needs to take over. Mike’s crossed a bridge too far. I’m glad he apologized but in reading the article about the Colorado game of '98 Mike threw their players under the bus with his defense and trying to blame them for starting it when in fact they didn’t. Very poor character quality. Mike might be a racist. Mike might not be a racist. Mike might be a contrite racist. I don’t know and don’t care. But I do care that he threw those innocent players under the bus to protect his hide. He is going to have a very hard time for several years in recruiting. When I add up the total sum of his baffoonery at times, his blatant promotion over the last two years of the far right during press conferences like the Covid fiasco culminating in the OAN t-shirt incident and basically being an island of one in declaring he knew best when to bring the kids back despite the fact the university, Big 12, NCAA and every other coach in America disagreed evidenced by the cricket sounds from said coaches and now the reminder of the past racial language and throwing the Colorado players under the bus I cannot support him as coach. Kasey Dunn could much better lead this team and heal the divisions. He’s prepared, relates well to the players and is a coach that can walk into any African American home and be welcomed and carry the pride of representing all the university…not just a segment of it. Kasey Dunn can build a bridge to the future for OSU. A much brighter one.

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you guys should read Robert Allen’s interview with former Cowboy Deion Imade. I think that dude was spot on about all of this.

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You think Steelers guys, who were right there, would lie for Rudy? Nobody heard him say the N-word. Miles is a clown, trying to get an excuse for his behavior. I saw it all unfolding before the camerans had those two wrestling on the ground. Miles was trying to push him into the center of the earth with his body. Classless, esp at the end of the game. He should be suspended at least 5, 6 games at the state of this season.

Never once heard that about Switzer, are you sure? His repuation amongst black people in one of the best simply because he always looked out for his players, whatever the skin tone. Plus he was a guy who was actually raised by a black woman, not sure I believe Skip’s story…

“Piling up.” Give me a break, Porter. 1 story from over 30 years ago and 1 story from a guy who is mostly despised by the fan base and serves as a sooner puppet to troll OSU.

Mike Gundy has spent about 30 years in some capacity at OSU and we have 2 very weak stories. Don’t you think there would be a ton more if this was in fact an issue? But just like with the national media, we’d rather focus on minuscule events than look at the entire picture.

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I wonder how Mike Holder views it.


I also wonder how mike holder, Burns Hargis, and the players feel about Kyle Boone and PFB right now? It’s pretty obvious the players and their parents don’t view you guys as “righteous truth seekers” right now and those are the guys whose reactions I’m paying the closest attention to. And even if that stuff did happen in 1989, the players STILL seem willing to educate him. But ESPN and other blowhards won’t stop telling the players they should be madder and should not forgive and give gundy a chance.

Mike Holder is probably very frustrated with Mike Gundy for his boneheadedness.

But also frustrated with Gundy because he knows the media will do anything to further their agenda to seem righteous and crucify people for unproven mistakes from 30+ years ago, after the man has apologized for the OAN shirt gaffe.

He’s frustrated because mike gundy is arrogant and does stupid things, which causes ESPN and anyone to latch onto a story like hungry piranhas.

Bottom line of my point is, if Mike Gundy is as bad as ESPN wants him to be, there’s very little doubt in my mind Chuba would’ve given them the answers they were seeking. What I saw was a college student being taken advantage of for the network’s benefit

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That’s the right question.
To a degree, it only matters a little what you, I, or other fans think. If Holder is done with it, Mike may be gone regardless of the mea culpa.

For the most part, I think Gundy has been very good for OSU. I really hope he follows through and becomes an activist for change at OSU. He could be a powerful ally to players and students on campus. If he doesn’t though, it may be time for change.

In reading all of this, following the players, all the outlets, the part that stood out the most to me, were all the calls for action. That they all like what Gundy has said, and that he was listening, but they all want more. They want to see him active in the community on their behalf. They want to see him push for systemic change in the world, not just in the locker room. I don’t think they’re asking him to lead a BLM rally, but I think they would be truly appreciative if he were to join them side by side at a protest.

Really though, it all comes down to Holder. Has he had enough? Guess we’ll all have to wait and see.

I agree with your assessment about Gundy and the team. But I disagree with you saying it means little what we think.

Go read the article I posted interviewing Deion Imade. How the fan base reacts to this means a lot and will for years to come. Also, what were all saying means a lot, because at a position as high visibility as Mike Holder’s, the court of public opinion means everything

Pretty presumptive if you think your views are inline with the AD.

Wonder how the majority of the fanbase thinks?


Probably not worded as well as it could have been. I just meant that if Holder is done with it, he has the authority to make the decision and move on, regardless of what we think. Of course we have the power to put pressure on Holder either way, but he doesn’t have to listen to us. He can, hopefully would, but it isn’t required.
But you’re right, what we think matters to Holder. And should.

You might be underestimating how sourced we are then.

Seems like the admin has been waiting on Gundy to give them enough rope to hang him for a while.

Fanbase will go how the season and recruiting go.

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No worries, I appreciate you clarifying, I misread your intent. Mike Holder does have the final say regardless of what we say, though he’s at the mercy of donors and fan base perception. Kind of a chicken and egg thing.

I think what’s the most destructive thing is people telling mike gundy he gave in and apologized for the OAN shirt. That makes our fan base look not great. Yes this is America and we are free to do what we choose, but as a P5 head coach, those decisions will be put in the spotlight and you will face consequences.

But then you also have people trying incite rage and vitriol and tell the players to be more upset than they seem to be and trying to tell them how they should feel.

And it’s been very divisive

That makes me feel like they were tired of Gundy’s antics before this, and glad this opportunity presented itself.

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It’s time everyone face up to the fact that Gundy is basically Mike Leach.

I agree with that assessment. I think there are some that feel that way.
I read that article. It was great. Really appreciate you posting it as I hadn’t seen it yet. He makes a great point about us as fans, and how we impact recruiting, and how we can help.

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I am certain. At least a dozen first hand accounts. Maybe he never said it to the players, I don’t know that, but he’s certainly said that to a lot of boosters over the years.

So are you a media arm for Holder, then? Hope you’re not.

Holder hasn’t liked Gundy for a long time. I know he’s his boss, but he’s really not unbiased when it comes to Gundy.


People did raise their eyebrows a bit when Holder came out and criticized Gundy’s recruiting publicly (though I don’t think what Holder said was wrong)