Stories About Racial Language from Gundy's Past Have Come to Light This Week

Haha, first we’re not sourced enough and now we’re too sourced. Come on.

Oversourced/undersourced, whatever. But if these things are going to be brought into the public’s eye at such a critically sensitive and emotional time in today’s world, the extreme reactions must be anticipated, and claims should be substantiated. I appreciate the video where you addressed this stuff. I don’t doubt you guys are well sourced, but when an opinion about people is made public (and I give you credit for being very critical of Mike gundy as you should be, while also acknowledging you don’t think he’s enabling systemic racism or should be fired) once the picture has been painted it’s too late.

Do you guys agree with how ESPN is handling this?

Thank you for being so interactive with us, it gets us nowhere for me to yell and yell and not get your perspective back.

Very thoughtful, intelligent, respectful, and passionate insites from Mr. Imade. Proud that he is an OSU alumnus. I enjoyed watching him play because he always gave his best on the field and his words indicate he is continuing that off the field.

Just how many types of racism is there mark? Lol. There is a real problem when you have to make up different descriptions to describe the word racism. This is going to far and somebody needs to put a stop to it now. Who gives a blank about a football program that frankly will never be where you want it to. Iv giving up on football years ago. We’ve got to put a stop to the the crucifying of people from all the self righteous media and aa’s! For the people that aren’t racist meaning white people which If I had to guess there are probably 10% that are and I’m not sure they even give two turds but buy the time this is said and done their will be a lot more. You can only push people so far and this is what it looks like to me what’s going to happen so get ready people.

i totally agree. i’m totally fed up with all this protest crap. all a bunch of snowflakes.

The number of players parents that have reached out to me privately and offered encouragement for me to continue reporting on this story far exceeds the one parent who seemingly has taken umbrage with my reporting on this story and shared displeasure on social media.

That being said, I can understand why some players and even their families may be upset about all of this. I am an outsider not linked to the program directly in any way that, from afar, threw the program into disarray. But people have to remember this is a total non-story if Chuba doesn’t take his stance and say what he said. The more I report on this story the more I learn this was way more than about a silly shirt, and there’s been some behind-the-scenes stuff brewing for awhile that apparently came to a head.


thank you for your response Kyle, I feel I’ve definitely fallen into the trap of spewing the same vitriol I’m complaining about.

I may take some time off of the internet anyway…sometimes it can just suck you into things that don’t do anyone any good.

No I appreciate your candid comments. Just trying to shed some light on my perspective as well. You’re entitled to form your own opinions on all this, I just can imagine it’s hard to do without a complete picture, which I still think is far from being painted. Even my own experience is a small sample size given everyone who is impacted by what has transpired.

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just you telling me about the parents who have reached out to you is something that I had never considered.

I am very upset with what I’m seeing in the program. I do hope it’s distance and a lack of relationships as opposed to something far worse.

When you’ve been following a team for over a decade and have lived in Oklahoma your whole life…you really don’t want to believe the worst about these people that you’ve seen do so much good, completely apart from football results.

I am still frustrated with how this went down. and you summed it up about being an outsider throwing the program into disarray. the question I kept asking myself was…does PFB want to get Mike Gundy fired, or do they want him to change for the better. I have seen Kyle Porter speak on this topic, but I had not seen you (which you may have), which I can understand with what I’m sure you’ve experienced these past few days, you probably need time to gather your thoughts.

Wonder how you view it?

Ok, 1. You’re seriously trying to complain about someone bringing attention to racial inequality? 2. You’re seriously going to try to blame racial inequality on the media? 3. You’re seriously going to complain about the media trying do hot takes after this burning trash heap of a post?

Okay KB you say you didn’t know if you wanted to post the picture ? I’m calling BS on that. I’ve seen more negative posts here on Gundy than shout be if it’s a pro OSU site. You knew exactly what the reaction would be posting it with racial tensions so high. I have no ill will to Chuba, but his first move should have been to confront Gundy in private. He understands that now. If there was something needing addressed, maybe Gundy would listen and get it covered in house. I get Gundy can be a jerk, aloof, and an enormous ego
When I hear the comments from 89 I just shake my head Williams from what I recall wasn’t exactly a choir boy. Their program was soon to be in shambles. When Gundy allowed
little access time to his program you PFB, Sam Mayes ( who has never liked Gundy) Trammel all bit** about it. Everyone of you have this little vendetta against him for no access. It needs to stop !! Stop it !!! There are many things I wish Gundy would do better at. But come on, journalists will do anything for a hit or break a big story. You certainly accomplished that. Have you ever wondered why Thurman, Barry haven’t said any negative comments ? I want to hear from his teammates. Journalism is on the same level to me as politicians and attorneys


I’ve wondered why Barry and Thurman haven’t said anything at all.


Great point, if they came out in support of Gundy that would have squashed all of this. In light of the comments surrounding the Colorado game in 1989, Gerald Hudson or anyone else that was on 1989 team could have spoken up at any point to refute it, but none of them have as far as I know. Did anyone say anything in his defense in '89?

It is a good point… maybe someone will speak up in the next few days If there is a problem it needs to be squashed or get rid of Gundy which seems like PFB wants. But the only person that matters on that is Holder, maybe Hargis

Or maybe they don’t want to be in the lime light which we all know Barry doesn’t like the attention or maybe they feel they will be looked down by the black community or maybe they know something we don’t know or nobody knows and we don’t need to jump to these thoughts that PFB puts in your heads for clicks. The media is taking this country down and I don’t think all of them are far left but they have to do their job for clicks because their lives depend on them feeding their family. Unfortunately they go to bed with heavy hearts because I don’t know how you wouldn’t. Man trump is for the USA and that’s it. He displayed want he stood for tonight and it was refreshing.

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