Summer Schedule Preview: Utah Riding Offseason Buzz into First Year in Big 12

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The Cowboys kick off Big 12 play with a newcomer and the favorite to win the league.

I don’t think there is anything I want more than for Utah to be a 6-7 win team this year.


What kind of returning starters do they have coming back ?

That good qb and te combo has really stuck deep into our kraut in years past .

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I don’t see why they wouldn’t be enthusiastic their first year in the Big 12. They’ve won a couple of recent P5 conference titles. Thats more than we can boast about for the time being.

Since the big 12 has been around. Every team in the pac 12 has been bad. Urah is a “good” team in a bad conference. Just like ksu neither beat a good healthy team last year. Sure ksu beat ku. Ku had their 3rd qb who was a walkon freshman.
Utah has been in the title game 4 out of last years. One year byu beat utah and 4 other team, including the other title game team. Utah lost to 2 gr school and beat 1 ranked team. Winning a bad conference is not that good. In 21 big12 had more teams ranked in top 10 then pac12. Last year the coaches poll had 6 big 12 teams ranked, pac 12 3.

Utah run defense mite not be as good as thought. The didnt really over power the worst rush offense in big12 last year. Baylor ran 40 yards more then utahs average at 4.5 a carry. Utah is basing their whole season on “if” rising is good and healthy.

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From your mouth to God’s ears
I hope you’re right


I think that OSU controls it’s fate based on two factors. First is QB play. I don’t expect outstanding play, but “good” play with very few mistakes will allow other talent areas to excel. Below average QB play and we will might lose close games. Second point is team leadership. We can’t afford to come out flat like we did against UCF and S. Alabama. We need players to step up and prevent or help recover from momentum shifts. That team leadership needs to rise during offseason and help refocus after the “Ollie” distraction.

You never miss a shot do you :roll_eyes:


But winning a conference with no BB schools would be? Don’t get me started Bob!!! You know dam well as I do if OSU wins this new conference without any BB schools you’ll be singing praises for the next five years about.

However, if Utah wins the conference twice (with BB school or CFP contenders) then you try to downplay it like it’s not a big deal. We can’t even win the conference when OU and Texas aren’t that good. You really have some serious biased issues when it comes to OSU football.

It’s more than just team leadership. It’s really difficult to help rally the troops when your OC refuses to give you the ball to make something happen. I don’t understand why we always point the finger at the players, and never the people getting paid six figures or more to help give us the best chance to win :man_shrugging:.

Moron im an osu fan. Im still more into reality then you.

Look utah is a good program. Not better then us ksu.
You can talk up utah all you want, they beat no one mmost years. We have played and won more big games.

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You can be an OSU fan and still give credit to other programs. That’s not impossible to do.

Ive said utah is a nice program and said they will win 10 games. Your still a moron.

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I know what you said. That still doesn’t take away from the fact that you’re bashing them for being in a weak conference, and winning it twice, despite the fact the Big 12 hasn’t proven (outside of OU maybe) that they’re any better.

You’re bashing a non-BB program for actually winning a P5 conference twice recently. Then you’re praising a non-BB program that hasn’t won the conference since 2011.

You’re bashing USC for not being any good, and that’s one of the reasons Utah has won it. You’re also not acknowledging the fact that Texas for a very long time wasn’t any good either.

When Utah beats USC and wins their conference it’s not a big deal to you. However, when OSU beats bad Texas teams you call it a signature win?

Your logic is flawed dude, and it always has been. Like I said, it’s great you’re an OSU fan, but your biased is out of control.

Billy i have lots of proof. Pac 12 has had good years. They have some awful years. Its not just usc. When a power league only gets 2 ranked teams they are weak. Texas beat an 11 win utah team win they where bad. Please stop being moron. It just makes the real fans look bad.

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Yep, and South Alabama destroyed a 10 win OSU team in Stillwater after going 7-6 in the Sun Belt.

Look i know your thinking your funny. Your just deflecting. Thats just 1 point. You think its a trump card. Its not. Go be a utah fan. You would fit in better. Their idiots too.

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Okay then, we went 10-4 and lost to an Iowa State team that couldn’t beat Ohio, and went 7-6. How about this? We went 10-4 and lost to an UCF team that couldn’t beat Baylor in the fourth quarter, and we lost 45-3.

Nah, you were trying to make a point. Then when I point out OSU has been in this same exact situation it totally backfired on you. Think about what you say before saying it.

First yes we went 10 and 4 but didnt win the title. Utah beat 1 ranked team. We beat 4. Stop saying who we lost too. If you only played 1 ranked team. Ksu won the title but at least they beat tge runner up to the natty, while going 10 and 4. We have played more then 10 ranked teams then utah. That stat alone explains my point.

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Did Utah win the conference title or not? You see here, you’re justifying playing ranked teams and not winning a conference title. The entire point is Utah won the championship when it mattered. Beating #4 USC in 2022 and #10 Oregon in 2021. Or is beating a top 10 team only impressive when OSU does it?