Superlatives: Three Plays to Give OSU Fans Hope for the Future

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Highlighting some of the skill players set to return for OSU next season.

That’s assuming they’re still here. I could definitely see Brennan hit the portal. He’s coming up on his senior year and probably doesn’t wasn’t to be on a rebuilding offense. As for Ollie, it wouldn’t surprise me if he left. Rangel is here for at least another year.

Dnt see any of them going. All will start next year.

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Oliver might end up hitting the portal as well.

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Three coaches that don’t give fans hope for the future:

Gundy, Dunn, Dickey

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How nice of you to finally show up after another pathetic coaching job by Gundy and Dunn. 5 crap performances 5 weeks straight with 3 blowouts, an embarrassing senior day loss, and sneaking past ISU after they turned it over 5 times.

Are you still crying

Just find it funny you went into hiding.

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Why would i hide. Why would i jump on here to read you yahoos crying.

No optimism. Pumping sunshine up your butt.

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Not sure if you got the rite punctuation.

I know fairies and unicorns come out your ess.

This seems like the same kind of rhetoric we had coming out of non-conference this season. We were told that a win is a win, despite the obvious, unfixed now in hindsight, defensive flaws that were apparent. Our offensive woes became even more apparent as the season went on.

To pin optimistic hopes on these three aspects is a bit akin to admiring the lovely decor of a hospital room!! We need to ‘get well soon’ and that will require some adjustments in ‘doctoring’. Our coordinators/doctors need to change, either attitudes or personnel. Our head hospital administrator/HC either needs to facilitate the changes, or become one! I actually hope for the former. Gundy, swallow your stupid ego and pride, get an OC that you do not control… and for goodness sake, give an incoming coordinator an IQ test!! …you know…?? :cowboy_hat_face: :softball: :cowboy_hat_face: :softball: :cowboy_hat_face: GO POKES!!!

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So your saying a better oc is all we didnt to over come the injuries. Next your going to say dana would have won 10 games like he did for us. Even tho he, as a hc, has only done it twice and only once at a power five level.

Yes iq test is need but for the fantastics.

I have never put words into your mouth, my friend, so please do not tell me what I am saying, other than what I said. I am saying that in my humble opinion, we are in need of a better OC with autonomy in playcalling, yes. I did not say a word of it overcoming the injuries. I was critical of both coordinators long before the injuries decimated the available roster.

As for Holgy, it is pretty apparent that he is a more effective OC than HC. So, you are saying??? I will only read into it, what you actually said and my passion for the game and our team will NOT have me taking your comments any further than you took them yourself.

You are welcome, respectfully. GO POKES!! :cowboy_hat_face: :softball: :cowboy_hat_face: :basketball: :cowboy_hat_face: (and the little basketball is for the women’s team!) lol

…ahhh… the fantastics??? just wondering…

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I didnt put words in your mouth. You said dunn is ineffective and any oc would have won all these games.

I mentioned dana because we have 3 coordinators who every seem to think were wonderful. But neglect to remember all the talent they had. Dunns of went down after all the injuries. And actually the defense did look better. 3 scorless quarters in bedlam. And a couple of broken plays last week controled isu. With there injuries.

Idk what I’m reading lol. I got to Presley’s first half and fell out of my chair.

We have ALL the hope in Presley BUT when the OC doesn’t know or understand how to get him involved, the hope goes out the window. For the life of me cannot understand how the OC forgets to get his playmakers the ball. Amazing really.


I would contest that Dunn doesn’t know how to use the talent he has. How long has he been with the program? How many of those other OCs did well? Forget the talent cause we had an NFL TE we never used recently. What did he learn from them? He had a 5th year QB veteran and struggled calling plays for him. He has no rhythm. No deception. One would think that if he has lesser talent he would disguise his weaknesses better. Take advantage of his playmakers. Nope. He doesn’t know how. He hasnt learned from others. Dunn is overrated. Gundy finally missed on an OC. It’s ok. Just needs to realize it and move on.

Best example right here. Dunn said that on the second wheel route to the running back that it was supposed to go to Presley if he went through his check downs. Well if you know your personnel you would know you had a true freshman out there that’s probably not going to get through his progressions. So maybe you should call a play that the number one option for Presley.


Btw, Dunn has been here since 2011. So no excuses. Ten+ years with the program and the offense loses its identity when he takes over.

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LMAO!!! …please copy and paste your quote of my saying “any OC would have one all these games”.

Otherwise, your credibility is shot and you just put MORE words in my mouth. Your emotional investment in your beliefs has you going out of bounds, my friend. We have always been able to respect the other’s opinions voiced on these blogs in the past. We have always agreed to disagree. Those days are over. LMAO!!!

GO POKES!!! :cowboy_hat_face: :softball: :cowboy_hat_face: :softball: :cowboy_hat_face:

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It is also my personal contention that our defensive improvement over the course of the Texas and OU games, among others, was fool’s gold. (not calling anyone a fool, but some seem to be in foolish territory today… lmao) Both Ewers and Gabriel became so very erratic, under pressure or not, and were missing wide open receivers. It is much easier to seem competent on defense when the other offense goes into the ditch. :thinking: :upside_down_face: