Teven Jenkins to Forgo Rest of Season to Prepare for NFL Draft

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OSU’s best offensive lineman will miss the remainder of the year.

I hope this choice is based on his injuries and that would make sense for him not to want to risk further injury. I also hope this does not become a trend for other NFL prospects to not want to play all the games to protect themselves for the draft.

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This is where Gundy starts talking about no toughness on this team.

I think this has more to do with a combination of being “out” of the playoff picture and the recent injury. I really can’t disagree with his decision (when you’re talking millions of dollars), but I do wish these guys would put the team first.

Good ole “damned if you do, damned if you don’t”

I’m surprised he doesn’t want the ring for 4th in the conference.


I don’t blame him. We’re not going to play for the Big 12 championship and he’s been banged up all year. No sense risking further injury which could affect his draft status.

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I’d be more worried if we didn’t just have our best OL performance of the year without him. Not a knock on him, but at least we know the line won’t be a complete mess. And I know, it was against tech, but 321 rushing yards is by far the most tech has allowed this year. And it came without either of our two top backs playing.

I don’t want this to be the way it happens, but there’s a whole bunch of growing rumors that OU may have to cancel the Baylor game this week. If that does happen OU would be eliminated if we win out. Terrible way to get in, and I’m sure Ou will end up playing, but that would be a wild situation. Especially if Ou were to have to cancel their game and then we blow one to TCU or Baylor. Seems like a storybook ending for this program.

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You can’t blame him. If you were in his position would you want to risk further injury and a future NFL draft on a team that has a coach dead set in finishing 3rd or 4th anyway?

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Best wishes to the kid! Can’t blame him cause of the injuries and not being in a position to win a title. Very slim chance for the latter but pretty sure we, who aren’t Gumby fanboys, can see the writing on the wall. Now if we had a decent shot to win the Big 12 and a player does this, totally different story.

If I’m Chuba I’m doing the same. All we got left are garbage games, not to slight TCU and Baylor cause we’re certainly capable of taking L’s in both of those games as bad as those two teams are…

Tech is really bad on defense. So while you still have to attribute the OL actually being able to put their body on a defender it’s not like Tech has been a defensive juggernaut all season.

Tech is a team that gave up 600 yards of offense to Houston Baptist of all teams. So I don’t think it should surprise anyone that OSU has success against them. Tech is 79th in rush defense and 109th in pass defense. Besides Kansas they will probably be the worst defense we’ve faced all season.

So while I don’t want to spoil anyone’s optimism at the same time this really doesn’t surprise anyone.

I hope players for OSU that are NFL worthy continue to do this until Gundy decides he wants to try and play for a Big 12 title again.

The potential NFL players will have nothing to lose but everything to gain. The Head Coach on the other hand might possibly feel the fire under his butt after having mediocre season after mediocre season.

You can’t expect NFL type players to give you their all when you aren’t returning the favor for them as well. You punt from the opponent 39 yard line in the most important game of the year and raised the white flag in front of all of them. Why would you expect them to care now?

If I’m Hubbard, Wallace, and Jenkins I don’t play another down the rest of the season at OSU. If I know I’m worth a certain value why would I want to risk injury for a coach that has no interests in trying to win a conference and proved it to me during the Bedlam game? So I can go win the Liberty Bowl?

How would OU be eliminated if the Baylor game is cancelled.?

If we win out go 7 n 2, the best ou could is 6n2 . So we would have the better record.

Texas already has players doing to same thing. That great coach at ou may not have a team to play the season. Riley =idiot . Ou started party to soon. Joe ar is that ur coach that keeps his team health.

Jenkin is actually rite up joe’s alley lil girl. He crys alot when people get on him. We were fine with out him against tt and be fine tcu. Should have a linemen back too.

Riley is an idiot? He only schooled Jim Knowles in the 1st quarter (which is all it took). Then schooled Gundy and his staff the rest of the game, but yeah…Gundy is a genius I suppose. You still haven’t provided a good enough reason of why you went missing for an entire week after the Bedlam game.

Are you going to say the same thing about Jenkins when we lose to TCU and have 26 carries for 53 yards rushing? If that does happen please come back on this forum and tell us why we didn’t miss Jenkins.

“And I know, it was against tech, but 321 rushing yards is by far the most tech has allowed this year. And it came without either of our two top backs playing.”

Just thought I’d throw that out there. Not saying the line is world beaters, or even good, but they didn’t drop off at all without Jenkins.

In this case, Ou would be 6 and 2 at best in conference, we’d be 7 and 2. It’s already been said that OSU (or anyone in a tie situation) would get the nod with more wins.

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