Texas State Transfer Caleb Asberry Commits to Oklahoma State

How’s your asss not sore from riding my meat this hard?


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Now this guy I can get behind. Texas State finished first in the Sun Belt. He was the leading scorer on a winning team. I expect him to contribute more than any other transfer we have brought in.


That’s a solid take. I like that 40%+ from 3 also. He might be able to come off the bench and stretch the floor a little bit.

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John Lucas was just 5’11 165 lbs.

And he had a dad probably would have been one of the best ever if not for his problem. So he had genetics ….one of the best teachers going

Was that his freshman weight, he didn’t graduate at that weight. Did he.

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That was his pro weight I guess. But still that kid is 3 inches tall and only 5 lbs.

Weight really only matters only on defense.

I dnt know how these kids can weight so lil. Look at some of our reciever.

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You’re right Mike. I’m sure John Lucas never had to practice at all to be any good at D1 college athletics at that size, or the NBA for that matter🤷‍♂️.

What ? What kinda sarcasm is that you moron. He was a tennis champion along with having a great NBA career until drugs ruined it. Genetics play a big part in a person’s ability

Right….because there are so many good examples of genetically gifted 5’11 165 pound players out there that become All-Conference D1 players and last over a decade in the NBA. You’re welcome to stop making yourself look stupid at any time now.

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You just love to argue. It bothers you not if any makes sense. You a guy who needs no proof. You just love to hate gundy. You think since we don’t hate gundy we’re wrong about everything. You forget it’s not 2 of us.

I do like it when you really think you got a point you will ride it for a 100 post. But you quickly drop 99 % of your unproven thoughts.

Think about it you’ve never heard of a 5’ 11" guard amazing. Well we better hope 1 inch helps this high point transfer. I do love that you post.


Who making a fool of themselves but you Joey , you just took my point to try and make some idiotic statement as usual. Come up with something original other than Woods. You burned that biotch up……Gundy will be here as long as he wants, you and Jug keep making the board lively. I get a good laugh every night

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I’ll ride it until you can prove it’s wrong. Which you can’t.

  1. You’re incapable of thinking before posting. As you had proven with either lying or not knowing when you tried to claim Texas had 28 points.

  2. You’re trying to say John Lucas is genetically gifted. His dad is 6’3 while he is 5’11 himself. If anything he’s less genetically gifted.

As I’ve said before. You’re more than welcome to stop making yourself look stupid at any moment.

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The size of a player matters, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be great, so I don’t really care about that. What is true is that it’s unlikely mid major production is going to transfer to an aggressively defensive Big 12. He’s not going to get the same shots against Baylor as he is against Popcorn State. That 3pt% is very likely going to drop. How much, I don’t know.

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How do we know that? Because our team couldn’t shoot threes anyway.

Boy your just loading up with stupid chit. You still believe in a flat world. So no proof will ever be enough.
The proof you want is us actually bring a nfl scout to your house. That wouldn’t do either, you would say we kidnapped his kids.

Look at your dad when you wonder why your a sanitation engineer. The world is old then 6000 years, genetics matter.

If tge big south can shoot the ball against any team they play we would know who there teams are.

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You still believe Gundy is going to win a second conference title.

One could happen.
So I would rather be a believer then a idiot like you

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