Texas State Transfer Caleb Asberry Commits to Oklahoma State

Are you still going to believe it when year 20 rolls around and we still only have one?

Snyder had 27 years.
The world has been round for millions of years your still going with it

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Because it’s a much tougher conference.

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Was K State a better program than OSU before he took over?

Yes ksu was a better program the when gundy started coaching. If you mean was osu over ksu. About the same neither had any untied titles. Were spent years to start the big 8 losing. We had a none winning season in the 90’s. You base evrrthing on titles so there you go.

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I’m not talking about Gundy. I want to know if you think K State was a better program than OSU before Snyder got to K State?

Before Snyder got to K State in 1989 they had a total of 299 wins, lost 27 straight games, and hadn’t made a bowl game since 1982. In that same time frame OSU had a total of 410 wins and made a bowl game the previous year.

Different teammates, different coaching staff, different play style, different opportunites, different team chemistry,

Its far more than your eyes can see obviously.

It may be true and you believe but that does not mean it is the truth


We had 1 win against ksu the 15 years prior to gundy.
After snyders first title he went 4 and 7.
Snyder had 9 non winning seasons.
If your ok with snyder then you should cry about gundy for another 10 years.

I said give boynton another year or two. Until he changes his offense or gets another no 1 player nothing will change

You the one who changes criteria. Every coach is fine except gundy.

Let’s try some new. You answer questions.
Why should we give boynton more time. What does he need to do to win next year.

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That’s all we needed to know.

I think he should at least make the tournament. He’s already addressed the main issues everyone was concerned about. Now let’s see if his transfers score. I’m also not oblivious to the fact he still had a fairly young team last season.

If the excuse for Gundy going 6-6 is because he has a young team then it should also be fair to point out the same excuse for Boynton. I don’t continue to make excuses for Boynton on something that’s repetitive for more than one season. You do that with Gundy though.

As I’ve pointed out he’s gave OSU its best basketball season since 2005. I’m not going to say he deserves to be fired for a .500 season when he gave us the best basketball year a year prior since 2005. You can say it’s because of Cade all you want, but Boynton was able to get him to OSU.

OK, what’s your prediction for next season? I say we finish in the bottom half of the conference and miss the tournament.

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Lol I don’t think you know how the portal works. He had to go get new players.
Try new players does address any issues.
You keep going on about how young we were. In basketball youth is not a major issue. Look at cade.
But we return a bunch of starters or guys that played alot.
So your saying older guys that may shoot better will fix our offense. Gundy has 2 of the top 3 best years in program history. With another 5 or 6 in the top 10 or 12.

Stop comparing boynton to gundy it’s a losing deal till he wins each year.

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He went and got perimeter shooters and replaced the guys he had that couldn’t hit the backside of a barn. Was that not an issue with most of the fans? Or the team in general?

Cade was the #1 player in the nation coming out of high school.

As your favorite coach would say “You can’t replace experience”.

I’m not talking about that. Boynton didn’t get a contract extension based on what he did before 2020. He got it from the results of his 2020 season. Which was the best one we had since 2005. You don’t refuse to offer a contract extension to a guy that accomplished something that not even Sean Sutton, Travis Ford or Brad Underwood did while they were here.

Gundy wasn’t given a contract extension with more money based on what he did from 2018-2020. It’s the concept of “what have you don’t for me lately?”. Do you see how that works?

Our fan base has this idea that if the football coach gives you the best season he’s had since 2011 then all of a sudden he’s the savior for OSU football. If the basketball coach gives you the best season since we’ve had since 2005 under multiple coaches they still consider him a piece of crap.

You dnot own a gun.

Ok back to double standards and you can’t compare the 2 sports.

You hate it when gundy says experience. So double standard.
Football is a physical sport, so maturity does pay off.

I’m not getting into the other coaches but you act like winning 1 game is like best thing since sliced bread.
Isu coach got 2 wins and you keep telling us how bad he was.

I dnt understand you. you really dnt understand why you can’t win arguments. It’s because you pick 1 point of view. Then act like it’s the best or worst your always picking a coach that had a good recruiting class or year to gundy. Or riding a thing YOU think is bad.
You know what a nag is. That’s not how you do critical analysis. Not even saban could stand up to your way of looking at things.

Dude almost everybody shoot worse on the team . Bryce improved 8 points all the way up to a whopping 29%. Guys have bad years. Coaches have bad seasons.
Any way we saw boynton play seniors less. So experience to him doesn’t matter.

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Like I said before, they are going to the XII championship


So you don’t have to be smart, physical, or mature to be a basketball player? Okay. (Wrong)

The coach for ISU was new and wasn’t there when they won 2 games. So I don’t know what in the hell you’re talking about. And when did I ever say he was bad? All I said is he got 7 transfers in and didn’t play tougher schedule than OSU. (Wrong again)

You’ve been wrong twice so far. Who is the one getting angry here? Lmao and you have the audacity to tell me I’m the only one looking at this from one point of view?

Or there could be a possibility they weren’t better.

Lol. You really have lost it. Half the stuff that goes on the football field wouldn’t be fouls in basketball but ejection. I said more physical.
Things I didn’t say that you project because of you lack of education.
Nothing about basketball not have some physicality, even tho it’s nothing come compared to the days of big country or before in the big 8.
I didn’t mention how smart a person had to be to do well in either sport.
Kids at 19 can go pro in basketball so the whole system is telling you maturity is less a factor.

Who was wrong
Yes like always it’s joy.

Let’s see 3 seniors that lost time. One is scoring more as a rookie in the NBA. Ones doing the same in g league. One starting his coaching career.
I didn’t pay attention to isu. If they just got a guy off the street to coach 2 wins is worse for boynton.

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There is no Big XII championship in basketball. What are you talking about? It’s the best record. Do you mean the Big XII tournament?

What was the last game oSu played in against the longhorns 2 years ago called in the post season?

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You said mature as well. That can mean many different things.

There needs to be some education provided to you just based on that comment alone.

That sentence makes no sense at all. What exactly are you trying to say?

Most coaches that are in the NBA are there because they’ve proven they can excel past the college level. That’s what their entire purpose is (especially at the NBA level). To develop and build players for years to come that will be beneficial for the team.

When J.J. Redick was drafted 11th overall he spent more than 4 years in the NBA before averaging at least 10 points per game before becoming a real asset in the NBA. Are you going to tell me you think Mike Krzyzewski is a bad coach that doesn’t develop his players?

You’re an idiot Joey , Lucas wasn’t gifted ? You keep making a fool of yourself every post. What about him that wasn’t gifted. ? He was nails on a needed shot, had worlds of smarts, being 5’11 he had to be gifted Any argument otherwise is an idiots argument

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