Texas Tech Transfer Tyreek Smith Commits to Oklahoma State

I know ur young but magic Johnson.
Thats not the cast about big man. Teams with no true center play with out one,lol.
Tcu alone should show the need for a center to defend.
Boynton show we had to play with more bigs. Went from one to 2.
It helps to have the length guards but with cade gone we got shorter
I dnot care if in college or pros if u can find a 7 footer ur taken him.

I vaguely remember Magic. Was a kid when he played and by the time I was 12, he retired. He was 6’8” but played point guard. Yes, if you can find a great center, you take him. If not, you try to build the team in such a way as to hide that deficiency. A good center should grab 10 rebounds per night. Without that, you need 2 or 3 guys off the bench grabbing 3 a night. Or a couple of your starters grabbing 8 instead of their usual 5.

Were also missing a true pg that can dish the ball out.
I know I’m the only the talk about assist. Assist are to make points easier to get. And u can see it in our team last year when we did pass it around points flowed.

I’m not try to be arguing. Even boynton has addfess these issues. Yes we will have to play with what we got. One problem with alot of guys doing the same thing is u will lose some to portal

Yea and ou was rank # 1

We lost Cunningham. Need to find someone that can help fill his void. He was not only our best scorer but our best 3 point shooter and best point guard. We need to get a couple of quality guards to replace him.

Has there been any update on who is working with the bigs now? The new hire played guard so that got me wondering.

For some reason Avery’s game reminds me of CP3. Maybe not a good comparison but it’s the first name I thought of.

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I’m not too hot on these recruits and missing out on some bigs but to be fair to coach his best attributes in recruiting is to go visit them and the interaction with them and I’m not so sure that COVID had a lot to do with that plus the ncaa hanging over us but I could be wrong. Next season should tell us a lot more.

This guy was a frosh last year and playing behind the strength of Tech’s roster. I like what I read about him…long and athletic…

It’s a golf rebuilding year in Stilly and we beat #1 in Nation. Hard to believe but OU had 3 RS Seniors and two Juniors. Cowboys have 2 Frosh and 2 sophomores and Eckroat that is a Jr. This was a great win for the Cowboys.


Striking out on every high school player he offered and all of the high sought after transfers he offered and then settling on other players that barely played for other programs is not building a roster as he sees fit.

Maybe Boynton needs to take a trip to NYC and hang out around some basketball courts and see if he can land someone soon. At this point it looks like we might not come up with a center.

That was quite a performance by the golf team, especially since they have not looked that great the past 2 years and the team has no super star. But what an insult for OU to be ranked number one considering OSU owns the sport. Need to find an other Matthew Wolf and Victor H. so they can once again just kill the competition.

I wonder if TTU’s considering Sean Sutton for head coach…

I can respect that opinion. If this group without Cade can make the tourney and win a game or two, watch the floodgates open. Also, Bryce Thompson hasn’t announced a decision yet, has he? If he’s wearing orange and black next season, does that alter your opinion at all? Gimme all your takes, dude. This is why the Chamber exists…LET’S GO!!! #cte #letswork

This is not true eckhart was on that team. He won on that team. He is good just not consistent.

This team is only missing cade.its really up to boynton and his coaching. If he can eliminate some of the teams basic flaws. He has the raw talent. As a recuirter he will be fine once the ban gets figured out.

That’s a great point. I totally forgot about the potential ban. Haha! Wonder if it’s a good or bad sign that I forgot?!

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Good but not consistent is not good enough for a top golf school like OSU. We need supreme golfers.