The Best and the Worst from Oklahoma State's Win at Texas

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There was some good and some bad by the Cowboys in Austin.

Presley wanted to be like Barry.

Interesting - note the offensive line all drops to the ground on the one from the Texas game. The 88 team did not do that.


What a sack. Took the guts right out of the UT attack.

“… we practiced (the throwback) 50 times, and BP has thrown that ball accurately,”

Except for whatever reason being we can’t seem to do it in an actual game.

Sound like u . U say some stupid thing 50 times and u still can’t get guys to believe u

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Oh yeah…such a great play. Sanders with nobody within 8-10 yards of him and we can’t throw a simple 12-15 yard pass back to him? Offense looks great this season!!!

Final u r in board

Interesting stat I didn’t know until today. According to Jesse Palmer the player with the most turnovers since the beginning of the 2019 season is Spencer Sanders.

And u needed Jesse to tell u that, thus is why I call u a moron

I’m willing to bet even you didn’t know. Too bad our coaches can’t do a better job of developing a QB spending his 4th year on campus. What a shame!!!

Hey Robert!! How did we score 39 ppg in 2013 with no offensive draft picks or all-conference QB?

I see ur not really saying anything. Using a 3 star qb to prove something. Joe if u dnt have anything to say just stop.

Too bad you can’t answer the question. I thought Mr. Football had the correct answer to everything?

Look ur just trying to fine something to cry about. On that 2013 team had nobody that played in the nfl. Go look.
We only got 1 that may get drafted.
U still r using a 3 star qb( which u hate) to prove some weird point about the offense o f two years of osu football that u say ur a fan and alumni

That’s my point dumba55. How come we can average 39 ppg with no draft picks on offense from that team, but we can’t do it now?

We only had one player drafted from the 2013 team (Justin Gilbert).

So for the billionth time I’ve never said I hate lower end recruits: I’m fine with them as long as they can play. All I’ve ever said was statistically speaking 4 star recruits or higher get drafted more often than lower end recruits (which is why we should shoot higher in recruiting)

So that still doesn’t answer the question. Why were we able to average 39 ppg in 2013 when we didn’t have one player drafted from offense?

Moron on that team that played in 2013 did any of them play in the NFL. Just because there was no seniors. Moron.
Look ur not proving anything. I’m not answering any more. Go find another stupid thing to try and help u.

That was funny and accurate.

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I could never be this funny without Joey :innocent::innocent::innocent::innocent::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face:

Joe, it’s not that they don’t always try to recruit the high star recruits. You can’t force a player to sign. If they had won the NC in 2011 like they should have, it would have opened the door to bring in better recruits and kept a flow by snowballing. Not always but on more occasions than not, the 5* recruits can be undesirable for oSu and it’s culture. I for one don’t need the Joe Mixon’s of the world. But that’s just me…
Malcolm Rodriguez was unrated… will he be drafted? Time will tell.

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When ou goes to the sec and starts putting out 8 and 5 season it will open oklahoma recruits up to us.

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The point is that the 2013 team had no NFL players and were still able to average almost 40 ppg. All I’m asking is why that’s such a difficult thing to do now?