The Best and the Worst from OSU's Win over Baylor

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There was more good than bad, but the bad was ugly.

Okay…I don’t expect Sanders to do everything perfectly, and I can understand as a 3rd year quarterback that’s he’s going to make a few mistakes here and there.

My problem is what are the coaches doing to help him improve? They say he needs to stop making those mistakes, but there doesn’t seem to be a big change in the way he plays the game since he was a RS freshman.

Is this just Sanders being uncoachable? What is the deal? Because this isn’t anything new. Gundy mentioned on one of the interceptions how he didn’t set his feet. Okay, fine then!! Who the hell is responsible for his development then?

All we hear about is how he’s getting better. He still looks like the same that he did. Play one great game and look suspect in the next three. What is being done to make sure he stays consistent? Are the coaches just not concerned any longer with making sure that the most important position on the field remains solid and intact?

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I always try to give him the benefit of the doubt but at some point, based on his body of work, he just doesn’t have the mental makeup of an elite Power 5 QB. I rarely, if ever, see him run through his progressions to a 3rd option. He almost always locks-in on to one receiver - the bad results are: throwing into coverage - errant throws to the defense and misfired throws usually thrown high. Results being a high interception rate! He just doesn’t look comfortable in the pocket most of the time. Sanders will take us as far as Sanders can take us. Our poor defense is not going to always bail him out of his short comings. If we had an elite QB we would be a top 10 team with a very realistic chance of winning the Big 12 Championship this year.
For another time: I like Dunn personally and he is a wonderful receivers coach but his elevation to the OC position is definitely questionable! (not willing to take a pay cut during Covid when all other coaches did really sticks in my craw).


This is the point I’m getting at. Our defense as good as it’s been is going to have a down game at some point. When that happens you need to have a reliable offense and a somewhat reliable QB.

Even though Chelf wasn’t the most highly recruited guy he was good enough to make stuff happen with his legs and was excellent at going through his progressions. Maybe not the best arm talent in the world, but he was reliable and smart with the ball (of course he was practicing with Weeden for three years).

That team was good enough to win the Big 12, but in the 4th game of the season the offense kept turning the ball over and eventually it cost them against West Virginia. The 3rd quarter woes and second half scoring has got to be better. If this team averaged 10 more points per game I wouldn’t nearly be as concerned.

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Do u hear urself. U quote gundy saying what Sanders did wrong. U read how and what they were doing to help Sanders.
Pathetic joey

More of ur double standards. So chelf was only good because he was back up to weeden

I completely agree with you and mark30. We don’t know what is going in in practices, but we do know Sanders is not improving in the key areas you both mention. He doesn’t see the entire field and you can see it in the ease to which opposing teams defense it. We all hope Sanders would have gained this with experience, yet his ability hasn’t changed and he’s in his junior year. Without a doubt he’s a good athlete, but he never feels the backside pressure and he’s never developed the button hook move to avoid it. Sanders rarely (if never) extends the play and remains in the pocket to find open receivers. I’m not even confident he remembers where the receivers should be once he feels pressure and starts running. Pressure on Sanders tends to turn into a sack, instead of getting rid of the ball. And he also consistently late in getting the ball out. He’ll never be an elite Power 5 QB “passer”, he’s just not accurate when he does pass, and he’s not even a good scrambling QB. His turnover problems I fear are not fixable; again because he’s a junior still making the same freshman mistakes. His one area of brightness comes on designed runs. That will never win the Big 12 Championship or a BCS run. Otherwise, the Pokes, as a team, have very much developed in just the last two games! Please coach, take these two weeks and get the real passer ready for Texas!

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Don’t you think the Quarterbacks coach Tim Rattay would be responsible for that.

If something bad happens it’s Gundy’s fault if something good happens it’s the other teams fault.

He doesn’t set his feet most of the time, why don’t the coaches spot that or do they? It’s not getting fixed and one of the picks was because he shortarmed it and reason he did is because he threw off his back foot!!! The last pick, yeah, that’s on Owens as that was a catchable ball.

Sanders is a good player but he could be a LOT better, but until I hear otherwise I’m putting the blame on the coaches. For one things besides the aforementioned, the playcalling doesn’t help him. Look at his passes across the middle, works almost.every.time. in a big completion. Why aren’t we throwing more slants, curls, crossing patterns there???


Dunn is NOT being allowed free rein to call whatever plays he sees fit. That’s your boy, Gundy, micromanaging things.

He doesn’t see the entire field and you can see it in the ease to which opposing teams defense it. — Don’t you think our tendency to mostly throw OUTSIDE has a lot to do w/ that??? :thinking: :roll_eyes: :sob: I’ve said it more than a few times on here, if I’m D-coordinator gameplanning for us, I’m telling my DBs to err on the side of the outside. 75% of the pass plays are going to be from the numbers to the sidelines!

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All of Sanders short comings have been addressed. What hurts Sanders the most is he won’t throw the ball early.
If he would throw the ball when he should then his feet would be set. Weeden was the best at getting the ball out fast. Shane can do that while but then has no run game.

Did you hear yourself? Your taking up for a coach who hasn’t taught the QB to set his feet despite this being his 4th year on campus.

Thats like ur mom teaching u not to say stupid stuff. Do we blame her or u

When you have a 1st round draft pick practicing with you for three years you tend to pick up some stuff from him. Rudolph didn’t have that, and was a 3rd round draft pick looking like his NFL career is getting ready to end.

You would think so.

Even tho weeden and chelf had nothing in common.
These are the statements that make u look stupid.
If chelf and Walsh and chelf came behind Zac, or mason and Shane after weeden, Ur statements is true.
I’m not even sure chelf put the same shoe on first like weeden

Chelf and Walsh were battling for the starting position. Chelf ultimately won because he had more experience, and was under Weeden’s wing, and proved to be the better playmaker.

When Walsh got on campus he was a true freshman while It was Weeden’s senior year. Chelf was a RS sophomore Weeden’s last year here.

I’m not saying Chelf was better than Weeden. Far from it. I’m saying it helps to learn from an NFL QB while your getting ready to compete for a starting position.

Just can’t help urself.
What did weeden teach chelf. Weeden was a straight pro qb. Complete different body. Plays were different.