The Best and the Worst from OSU's Win over Baylor

There is more to being a QB than just what style of quarterback people evaluate you as being. Geez Loyd!!! Your style rarely has anything to do with how smart you are with the ball, and how to adjust and go through your progressions.

Wow Joey how did u string all those big words together. U saying chelf learning from weeden is still the stupidest comment u have said today. No matter what u want to say about leadership qualities weeden mite have had.

Why is it stupid? Explain yourself!! If you think it’s stupid I would love to hear your unlimited knowledge and insight on why you don’t think that’s the case?

U saying weeden helping chelf is like sandy Kofax helping oral randy Johnson.

You still haven’t explained yourself. Let’s hear it!!!

Ur an idiot. I’ve told u two different ways. But I will give it one more try.
When both are under center if a defense shows a blitz would how weeden calls his play be the same as chelf. No.
Most base plays were the same no matter who is qb.
But how many run plays were called for weeden.
If u could only understand the basic principles of football it would be easier to talk to u.

Well then we went from the Dana playbook to the Yurcich playbook under Chelf. So yes it’s an adjustment, and thanks to Weeden teaching Chelf other things besides a base playbook Chelf was better than what he was supposed to be.

God bless Brandon Weeden!!! Luckily for us we had an NFL QB at the time to help show the young man how to be a successful QB. Brandon Weeden!!! Best quarterbacks coach we’ve ever had!!!

U r a moron

I’m sorry for being right.

When a pro style qb teach a dual threat qb most of the game pigs will fly. So like always u wrong and look pathetic doing it.

You still haven’t explained yourself. A dual-threat QB can still learn from a pro-style QB. I’m still waiting for you to give a credible explanation of why they can’t.

I have explained. U explain how weeden is going to teach chelf when to run if the pocket collapse. Is weeden teach about option plays. Did weeden talk to chelf how to compose himself after a long run. I’m sure he explain to compose himself after tripping himself for a sack.
But go ahead and explain what else weeden teached.

Weeden taught him how to get the ball out quick. Weeden taught him how to recognize pressure. Weeden taught him how to hit a receiver in stride. Weeden taught him how to check down. Weeden taught him try and be a championship QB. Weeden taught how to throw a cleaner ball.

See? Weeden taught him many things!!

Wow u are hilarious.
On a serious note do u believe the stuff u write.

Yes. Because my stuff has been proven.

Well chelf didn’t win a title or go pro so what did u prove.
Glad to know u not stupid just a complete moron

Neither did your boy Corndog.

He is alive and well in the cfl. Not selling grain insurance in Enid

Chelf probably makes more selling grain insurance than Corndog does in the CFL.

What does that have to do with weeden teaching chelf. I love how u get in a hole u keep digging.