The Big 12 Had A Rough First Night at the 2022 NFL Draft

Yeah, exactly. Joey’s a dumbas s.


Since WV they’ve played #20 Wisconsin, #20 USC, #3 Florida State, Louisville and #14 Miami.
I assume you were thinking about Gundy who is afraid to schedule anything tougher than Central Michigan.

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If OU or Texas don’t have any first rounders this season it just tells me Gundy caught a break.

It just tells me Gundy caught a break this season.

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Such as a college degree other than in Parks and Recreation which can get them a job.

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gUnDy CaUgHt A bReAk


How did the rest of those teams fair? They are garbage and beat worst than WV. We could had beat FL St had our QB not got hurt. Had a chance to beat those national champions. I don’t mean to disrespect you at all.

How do you guys get through the day knowing we have a former tight end get drafted 73rd overall when he only had 129 yard receiving his last season at OSU?

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Well we dnt have to get drunk like you knowing your always a loser.


Sad, he doesn’t even get to use the excuse of being drunk. Heck, that would justify his delusional views. He is stone cold sober, slapping his face in the mirror venting his hatred.

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I’m fixing to get drunk. This draft is not very exciting. I don’t think my fiance’s cousin is going in this draft. Shamari Brooks (TU RB). Too many running backs this year. I wish he could had used his extra year of eligibility to come to OSU. Great ethic, doesn’t give up, and quick. Haven’t seen a huge amount of running backs picked up this year. I told her to tell him one more year some where. That Prince guy was heavily favored cause of A&M and also his injury last year but didn’t seem to bother him this year tho. I believe he ran one in on us.

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So putting in a first round draft pick makes a difference? Ou you had back to back 1st round draft picks ALSO they were back to back heisman winners… 2017-2019

F*** their perception. It is an uphill battle that is never going to end for the big 12.

Open your eyes.

Dont complain about it @jarrod

Saddle up or run

and join the sec

Players drafted through the first three rounds:

Baylor = 4
OSU = 0

I guess if you want to count Jelani Woods as an OSU draft pick you’re more than welcome to do so. That would give us at least one.

Guess who beat us for the Big 12 championship? So which one is delusional here? Also, the only three times Gundy’s beaten OU they didn’t have a player drafted in the first round. Like I said, he caught a break.

Too bad we lost out on Dax Hill

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So, if # of NFL picks after three rounds is a significant stat that means team superiority, what does 4 picks to 0 get you? We have a two game data set. OSU won 24-14. Baylor won 21-16. On the field, the two teams were 1-1. I’d suggest therefore the number of NFL picks is not a great stat for predicting wins. I’ll bet it’s more nuanced. For example, a team that has four first rounders along it’s defensive line…I’ll wager that makes a difference.
The Jelani Woods situation is more troubling in my opinion. There’s a lot in this world I don’t understand, and included in that huge bucket is why we underutilize tight ends, at least in recent years. I’d be interested in an intelligent explanation.

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How long are you going to carry the Baylor flag around Joey … good chit move along, you’ve repeated the same chit over and over. Last year Campbell was the second coming, now it’s Baylor….at least come up with a different bash on the Pokes


I’ve been a Vikings fan since the early '70s and it was an OSU guy (Terry Brown) that led me to Bud Grant’s team.

That said, it kills me when the Vikings draft a guy like OU’s Brian Asamoah when I KNOW that Asamoah can’t hold Malcolm Rodriguez’s jockstrap. Frustrating night…


Maybe the Packers get M-Rod. :joy:


Who gets drafted today?