The Rundown: Everything Mike Gundy Said Ahead of OSU’s Bout With Baylor

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What the ole ball coach said at his weekly media luncheon.

“And I would expect another fourth-quarter game.”

How about we just score 10-14 points in the 2nd half so it doesn’t have to be a 4th quarter game? How does that sound?

Sounds good

Am I the only one that thought the Boise St. game was huge and defining. Then I thought the KSU game was huge and defining. Now I think the Baylor game is as well. When we win that, the Texas game will be huge and defining. Every week seems to be a major test of is OSU getting better every week.


This was a very informative and entertaining read. Keep it up.

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If they did you still would biath about it ….should have been 21 :joy::joy: special teams sucked :joy::clown_face: oh no that’s jug :joy::clown_face:

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Big improvement from week 1 to last week. Oline improving, receivers get healthy

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Special teams did suck, and going scoreless in the 2nd half against teams probably won’t get you to Arlington. Just thought you should know.

Speculation… you are always speculating and comparing this and that. Iowa ? You never answered me when did they last win the B10

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You are certifiable Joey. ,did you know that :joy: get back on your meds they will help you

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Thats how Joey works. Throws vomit out. Then when confronted, goes off topic with iowa or Bucknell.
Anything to ignore ur question.

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I already told you when they did. It’s not my fault you can’t follow along. Go find it.

You guys said we had to cheat to be any good. I used the #5 team in the country right now that’s had a coach longer than Gundy and under similar circumstances. You all just decided to ignore it. I can’t say it surprises me though.

When iowa beats the team from the east then use them all u want. It’s still off topic. This an osu site.
U use other schools all the time to compare.
But when we say way other schools have advantages u ignore this. When did I every say we need to cheat.

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You do know Ferinz has been on the hot seat several times in his 20 something years don’t you Joey :joy: that didn’t cross your feeble mind. Robert said Bucknell is a good match :joy::cowboy_hat_face::joy:

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Well you didn’t like me comparing OSU to OU (which I never said anything about OSU getting to their level), and then Iowa is probably the best comparison to OSU right now and then you guys say I’m going off topic.

I gave you an example of another program that doesn’t cheat and has kept the same coach for years. So what else do you guys want?

So with that being said he still has more conference titles than Gundy and it will probably remain that way by the time Gundy is done.

What blue blood school that’s made the playoffs hasn’t been put on probation Joey …. or their coach got fired for various reasons… does Les ring a bell

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So he has 2 or more in 20+ years ?!?! You reach more everyday. , who’s it gonna be tomorrow, Penn St :flushed::flushed:

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