The Rundown: Everything Mike Gundy Said Ahead of OSU’s Bout With Baylor

They are considered a blue blood according to you

The question is can Gundy win a conference title in the next three years? I think anyone with some kind of reason and logic probably knows the answer to that.

Stop comparer us to anybody. Every school have their own advantages. What a certain coach does one year doesn’t many anything here in still water or even at that coaches college prime examples, Indiana Minnesota leach Iowa.
This season gundy has us at four and 0. We are not ou ur rite. But he puts us in play almost ever year.

Are they not? They’ve won two national titles recently, 6 playoff appearances, and 7 conference titles since 2011. They are more of a blue blood than Nebraska or Miami is right now (the two programs you and Loyd love to brag about as blue bloods).

It’s not the 70’s or 80’s any longer grandpa. It’s not my fault your too much of a dumba55 to do any research before asking me the question.

Ur always comparing tcu to us. First they overall have recruited better the osu.
But why hasn’t tcu made the next step by win a title.
They are in the center of one of the best recruiting centers in the nation.

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Sarcasm isn’t your strong suit is it Joey, I know what they have won but what did they cover up for years, a pervert and the pervert covering it up idiot. They were a disgrace but you are too dumb to understand…… Nebraska and Miami are no longer relevant in football. They fired their good coaches ding a ling :clown_face::clown_face::flushed::flushed::cowboy_hat_face:

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School in the south dnt even have to hide stuff the cops still bleed schools color the fix it first.

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So according to 247 over the last 10 recruiting rankings TCU has averaged 33rd while OSU has averaged 35th. Not a massive difference in recruiting. Last time I checked TCU played for a conference title more recently than OSU has.

Most penalized school in the NCAA , but Joey wants that stigma, win at all costs, throw money around, cars. Maybe Ratler gave Joey one of his :clown_face::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::joy::joy::cowboy_hat_face:

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It’s funny how Joey is have trouble answer question. I know I never have problems whe the 3 stooges and jug attack me in force.
He ignores 75% then moves on to something else.

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So now because I just proved you to be an idiot for asking the question now Clemson is covering stuff up based on you’re opinion? Where are your resources for your claim?

R we in the middle of the metro plex

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Can’t prove cover ups. U try and cover up the fact u have ou envy. We see it

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What does the metroplex have to do with TCU playing for a conference title more recently than OSU?

He will throw out another school tomorrow that we should be like… Aranda has a good season from here on out , he will be gone next year. Joey wants new coaches every 4 years :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So they are guilty until proven innocent? Glad you don’t work for the judicial system. Show me the evidence and I’ll believe you. Until then, what you say is just a baseless opinion.

U really are slow. Them winning a title in the metro plex should have boosted them to recurit better. It did and they did nothing. They should be better same with Texas and Baylor. Why is it gundy goes into waco and get players. Of course he get Dallas guys.

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I thought since it’s what u use to prove points u would see it.

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All you throw out mostly is conjecture Joey…watch what happens at Clemson the next 10 years… they are already on Dabo

Name me how many players Gundy has gotten from Waco over the last four years.