The Rundown: Everything Mike Gundy Said at His Bye Week Media Availability

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What’s OSU’s coach said Tuesday evening.

Going to tighten the rains on that wild stallion of an offense uh? Too many concepts? How many concepts are in a fly rout? “We’ve used that form since less miles days LOL. I knew he used analytics and still does and i still think this is the offensive product you see today with all the long passes down the sideline. Sorry had to make fun alittle I can’t help it.

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“ I would think that there’s some people that are concerned in that area, I’m really not concerned. I’m not concerned about our philosophy, our schemes, I’m not concerned about Coach (Kasey) Dunn. I’m not concerned about any of that. We just have to put a little bit more together each week. And I’m not trying to present that we’re playing where I want us to offensively, but we know how to fix it and make it a little bit better each week.”

So your not concerned when your QB loses the turnover battle for you? Or when the opposing defense has your schemes figured out, and is already in position to make a tackle? I thought we were going to score a lot of points? So why do you have to fix something you essentially claimed wasn’t broken at the beginning of the season?

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Don’t worry it’s all under control guys.

I do agree with him on this…they are lucky the defense carried gundy’s jock strap because they would have lost 3 games by now.


You two buffoons are hilarious !! Your knowledge of football is more hilarious… both of you post just to beat your gums… envious, crying and moaning cause it kills you Gundy wins a game. Joey writes his nightly thesis on whatever and Jeffy chimes right in :joy::joy::joy:
I need a good laugh before bedtime :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It sound like we only have 5 scholarships left.

Thats the problem when u dnt have alot of guys leaving the program

He says he’s not concerned because he knows what to do to fix it. He’s not saying there aren’t problems. In fact, he specifically says that.


Is this one of those problems that has to get worse before it can get better? Cause if the scoring has went down for 4 years in a row, either he doesn’t know how to fix it or it has to get worse before it can get better.

The offensive line is a totally different problem because it’s been bad for like 7 years and it hasn’t always been injuries. They said Dickey was going to fix it but the last two seasons Dickey and Dunn have been the problems.

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I remember Gundy said a few years ago they moved 4 scholarships from offense to defense. I wonder if there is a correlation between offense reduction and that decision. I think it was the right thing to do as it has certainly born fruit this year.

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This another one of ur " hey look what gundy is doing".
All scoring is down. I like wv d but ou scoring 16, is funny. Did riley fix their offense at ksu.

Does Riley have to fix his scoring before Gundy can?

I guess someone needs to show Gundy how to.

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What we were told at the beginning of the season is that the team has depth, and that a lot of points would be scored.

What we’ve found out so far almost halfway through the season is that on the offensive side we don’t really have any depth, and that they will struggle to score over 25 points a game.

Everyone needs to stop covering their ears, and they need to ACTUALLY listen to what Gundy says and actually WATCH the team. Then actually hold him ACCOUNTABLE!!!

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The last 2 years have been not what u want. And Sanders. We have no jr recievers and only 1 senior that came in as a freshman no true osu upper classmen rb.
So with the portal and the lost scholarships. It has been a challenge

Riley is in deeper then gundy. Scored 16. With a heisman winner. Dnt even play off the riley deal

What does that have to do with Gundy?

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U and ur depth deal. We all know u will play it. Get a new mantra. We most have great depth were 5-0 ranked 12th

Like usual u want to make out that only gundy can do bad things. I’m pointing out that it’s all over. So stop cry.

But since this is a down year for OU, surely the second best team in the conference is going to step up and beat OU and win the conference. Right?

The problem is, we have never been the second best team in the conference. Second best doesn’t average 4th. Mediocre Mike will chit the bed and Bedlam.

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