The Rundown: Everything Mike Gundy Said at His Weekly Luncheon

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On expansion, Sanders and offensive struggles.

I felt much better listening to Gundy after the game saying we need to get better at designing plays than I do reading this nonsense about Spencer playing pretty well and we were caught off guard by losing our wideouts.

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What I got from that was, " We’re young, inexperienced. Last year and 2017 was our years but we’ll be back there next year or the next. "


If we can figure out how to stop recruiting young men to play the college game, we’ll be okay.



I hope that Gundy is right when he essentially said that as fans who just watch the game we really don’t know what is going on. Because as a fan it sure looks to me like because of injuries to so many key players, we are screwed. So look forward to a good team a few years from now when our young players have matured.
If that’s the situation then I will back off from blaming the OC. Sounds like Gundy realizes there is not much to do other than ride out the storm this season.

Maybe by 2029 he’ll have it figured out and make it to the conference championship game against Kansas.



But I don’t want to go down there and then somebody says, ‘Well, you just flew over 50 schools to get there. Why would you go there?’ I mean that’s kind of the things we have to look at.”

That quote from Gundy really disappoints me. While I expect my coach to be reasonably pragmatic, I’d certainly hope that he believes he can sell the OSU experience better than 50 other universities that might happen to be closer. Would you ever hear Boynton say, “well, we can’t recruit NY because there’s 20 basketball schools between us and them.”


As Joey would say why go to Ohio to get 3 star recruits when we got plenty here.
It does amaze me how many people actually think u will gain real insight from what gundy tells us.

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I agree that 98% of this is absolutely coach speak. However, based on how we recruit, I really believe that this is part of his recruiting philosophy.

How I understand recruiting, alot of coach on the team do recruiting. If what ur saying is true, they would have to run a recruit by gundy first before talking to the recruit. Then if in a town he feels we can’t recruit in he will say no.
Now if we actually look at where we have got recruits. Also, look at offers of recruits. It says a different story.
We do recruit mainly in the south, but it’s coast to coast.

How many more storms are we going to go through? How many have we already been through? When is enough, enough? At some point, the dude with 15 years of experience flying 1995 model Cessna’s needs to be replaced by a guy who has 2 or 3 years of experience flying a 2018 model Cessna. Gundy has taken this program as far as he can. Point blank period. For the past 4 to 6years, he has been systematically undoing all of his own work. If the Oklahoma State alumni, fan base, donors and regents are serious about winning championships of any kind, then they ALL collectively should demand a much younger, much hungrier, less complacent, more championship driven coach than Gundy. And no, it’s not the impossibility that the majority of our fans think it is.


With in ur time scope he would have taken us to the title game if we had one that year. If not 2 depend on how ur counting.
What does the majority of the fans think?

The majority seem to think the program is in good shape, which is reflected in ticket sales. Not just general admission, but in suites sold as well. When we wanted Travis Ford gone, we stopped buying season tickets (as a whole, not just me or my family). I do think losing 75% attendance last year due to COVID has caused an uptick in sales this year. I could be wrong though. But…sorry for rambling…my point is that until there is a massive decrease in ticket sales or donations, I won’t know if the majority are ready to end the Gundy regime.

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“If that guy’s not in the box and he’s back there playing pass, one less guy to block, one less guy that can make a tackle on the running game. That’s as big a factor as any scheme that you draw up. It’s a simple process.”

I guess we’ll see when the Boise game comes up. I have a feeling it won’t be as simple as he thinks it might be.

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If he can’t sell Top 10 in wins over the past decade then it tells me we need to find a coach who can.

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Gundy said he thinks the schemes need to change. We’ve been saying that for about three years now. If anything, it looks like the head coach of the football program that is a top 25 paid coach is gaining insight from us.

Joey u made my nite. I didn’t think I would have any body to laugh at.
Now what are u trying to sell.

I just don’t understand why he’s not using the top 10 wins in the last decade to recruits. I guess maybe it has something to do with not having very many trophies to show for it. Who knows, right?