The Rundown: Gundy Gives Updates from Fall Camp, Talks Cale Gundy's Resignation

Originally published at: The Rundown: Gundy Gives Updates from Fall Camp, Talks Cale Gundy's Resignation | Pistols Firing

The Cowboys open their 2022 season in less than a month.

Well if you read between the line there is good stuff.
Last year about the oline, they talk about guys learn both spot or 3 spots. We have enough guys now they are tackles centers and guards.
On backup qb he was positive.
On safeties we had ruck play alot. Which he came to us as a 2 year starter. This is good we have better players like harper to start.

You guys talk about warren. But, tanner came in and did a great job never starting. If hale is kicking like 2 years ago. Im there. Those kicks where 90% down the middle.
But i do think tanner has the longer leg. Kickers yea. Lol

This should excite guys and drive the haters crazy


@bruce4 yes its worse isu has no wins to a team that is well below uo. Michigan and tosu this century is worse then bedlam.

I like how gundy said he has good stuff for his book on the cale fiasco.

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@ joey15 so your saying iowa has 7 natty’s and amore then 30 con titles. Yes god it is equal

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Why would you post that in here? Are you too stupid to figure out which topic you need to post on?

Your comparing bedlam to iowa isu. Apples and oranges.
I have no problem with you saying bedlam sucks. But lets keep it real. Iowa is way below a blue blood. And you know it. You talk about there coach like he is gundy.

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Fun read. Lots of good information in here. A ton of process info, as well as where we are at this point.

It’s clear Coach Gundy is committed to the Cowboy Culture he and others have painstakingly built over many years. He talks about being “hidden a little bit, which I think is good for us”. Squaring this with building a national brand means (to me) we are becoming known, but that doesn’t mean we will take a 4 or 5 star recruit with ego problems or work ethic issues. Better to take guys with no personality disorders and develop them in our system.

My only concern at this point: finding out if we have a RB1. Hopefully the “by committee” crystalizes after opening games into the workhorse.

I heard Robert Allen talk about Central Michigan on XM 375 this week. They have a legit running back. Could be a good early test for our newish LBs


Yes Cent Michigan has Lew Nichols, 5-10 220, who ran for 1848 16 tds and caught 40 for 338 2 tds. Their Qb is pretty good as well but not a runner. I think their line will have issues with our d line.


Says the guy that never stays on topic. Robert making fun of your idiot post about this team against whoever is spot on. Go help jug shovel

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I never said they were.

Robert puts words in others mouths even if they didn’t say it. You two are a special kind of stupid. If I had to pick though he is smarter than you.

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And both of us are smarter than you in football… no common sense what so ever. Go back to goggle and bring us a fresh batch of jibberish

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No you’re not. You just wish you could have half the knowledge I do. Do you really want to know how I can tell you don’t know much? Because instead of blaming the ridiculous play calling on 1st and goal from the three yard line you decided to blame one player.

Thats not knowledge your full of. People around here call people with your problems half wits. Dnt worry when the other 2 stooges join you, you guys are a whole wit.

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Glad you posted that joy, now I can laugh all day now. At least you gave me a chuckle for the day…… you couldn’t put all the stooges together and make a sane comment

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So I can’t think of anything better on 1st and goal from the three yard line except a rollout pass and three straight runs?

People would laugh at you for blaming a player and not the other variables that caused that loss. They would look at you like you’re some stupid t-shirt fan that’s found a way to crawl out of their mobile home.

You aren’t a fan anyway, how would you know. You want an example of Jackson’s run go back and look at Tylan’s catch and run against WV a couple of years ago idiot. Same type of deal. Cry some more joy

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Wallace went to the NFL. While Jackson is going to Sam Houston State. That’s a fairly big difference. Also, Wallace doesn’t have to worry about running behind the offensive line either.

You just made my point…. Third string RB

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