The Rundown: Gundy Talks Big 12 Championship, Opt-Out Trend

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Everything Mike Gundy said Monday.

The website says Woodard is a redshirt sophomore. By my math, that means this is Year #3.

Someone let Gundy know this.

I’m really really tired of listening/reading Gundy pontificate pre-game - post-game - mid-game …basically whenever he speaks.
Mike Holder is a smart guy. He knows Gundy is just dialing-it-in and if something is not done within the next 24 mths then it will be much worse!
Please do not let the contract auto-renew!

“The point being is this, if you get to the Big 12 championship, it’s a good thing. If you don’t win it, it’s the same as the other eight teams. You finish second. It’s like recruiting, there’s no second-place medals like the Olympics. There’s no silver medal. You either get a gold, or you get last.”

It’s the same as the other eight teams? Yet, he gets excited about going to meaningless bowl games. I wonder if Iowa State’s coaches and fans feel the same as Mike Gundy.

No silver medals in recruiting? So your telling me if you can’t get the recruit that OU gets you shouldn’t go after the next best recruit at that position if you have the opportunity to? No wonder his recruiting rankings suck. His last three seasons prove it. Ask Kansas how excited they would be to get the 2nd, 3rd, or even 4th best recruiting class in the conference.

Wow holder is a smart guy. Kansas only wish they had this. Talk it up . U guys kill me. I know most couldnt drive a car straight down the road let alone understand college football.

Did you listen to the podcast? They said without Wallace this offense is on the same level as Kansas.

Do I think I would relay on a podcast for my info.

The point is if u stop talking it a great thing

The point is I’m a actually making points while you troll everyone else because you can’t come up with a logical explanation let alone a coherent sentence on anything.

U have made no points

They won’t let that happen.

It’s been a long hard season the kids have played well
But what u guys have time is crying. I’ve listen to all ur arm chair summaries. But, not one has a solution besides fire. No one knows a good replacement. Some said how ksu did. Work his qb to death, till he had a freshman. Got like 13 players in portal. Better think a lil before fire.

Some one said Baylor n Lsu they have what 4 or 5 wins together
I see alot of heifers see a green pasture in the other field.

Baylor played for a conference championship last year and LSU won a national title, but you think Gundy’s 8-4 season is better.
Gundy is the right coach for you.

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What have they done lately.

Well that was last year, what has Gundy done lately?

Lsu is a blue blood we not any where near there. Baylor is winning when again Gundy is having another winning season like he always do

Ar1 is heifer # 1 who is next would have thought joe would have been

I’d be willing to bet Baylor makes it back to the conference championship before Gundy.

Is anybody as sick to death of listening to Gundy’s babbling egomaniacal bs of denial and excuses as I am? His ignorance of his own lack of abilities is exceeded only by his arrogance. One title in 16 seasons is more than enough evidence to warrant a change. His tired cool dude act has more than worn out his welcome. Time to go.