The Rundown: Gundy Talks Realignment, Spencer Sanders, Blue Blood Status and More

Originally published at: The Rundown: Gundy Talks Realignment, Spencer Sanders, Blue Blood Status and More | Pistols Firing

‘It’s kind of almost the old Karen Carpenter ‘We’ve only just begun.’’

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On 365. Some asked is gundy the only coach big 12 has with charisma lol


“It’s going to take a lot of continued hard work. It’s going to take commitment from administration at the top, Chad Weiberg, Coach Gundy and everybody else involved, donor support.”

I’ll believe it when I see it. It’s going to take a commitment of not coaching scared in championship games to get to that level.

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Joy they where talking to you. The donor commitment.
Well we all know how committed you are.

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We could have money to have nice things if we didn’t overpay for a coach.

We are in the black in case you didn’t know it joy. Maybe you left that out on purpose, it didn’t fit that crazy asx comment We aren’t close to a billion in the hole :cowboy_hat_face:

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Man, I just do not have your energy. That psychotic energy that spurs someone to pee in the cornflakes, in the deadest part of the offseason, of a team that just had one of its best ever seasons. How can we utilize crazy people energy for the benefit of mankind? We could take a couple of Gundy haters, a handful of intactivists, and a crunchy California mom and fix all the roads or develop cold fusion or something.


1-4 (championship games) and two of those were very winnable. I’m not the one pissing in the fan’s corn flakes here. Eventually you have to figure out it’s not milk in your cereal.

How in the world can a 4th place team be in 4 championship games. Either gundy is a 4th place coach or he is doing what you want by being in a title situation every 4 years. Still showing of your double standards.

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In what world does your 3.6 average round out to 3rd and not 4th?

I said he should be winning one every 4 years. I didn’t say he should be MAKING it every 4 years. You need to stop lying and putting false words in other’s mouths. You’ve lied so much you don’t even know what truth is any longer (if you ever knew in the first place).

3.6 is well screwed because of his first year. In the last 12 years we under 3.

That is a lie. You said you want a title game once every for years. You chamged your mind qhen every body pointed out how many times we 2nd or better.

Ok we have got back into your repeating post.

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If you’re going to count it all then count it all. It’s not my fault you included the entirety of his career and got your math wrong to the point it didn’t serve your agenda.

I’ve stated on here several times that Gundy should have no less than three conference titles. 2011, 2013, and 2021. To be quite honest he had a great chance in 2016 if he didn’t Pat Jones 2.0 himself through the 2nd half of the Bedlam game.

He’s entering his 18th season. That would be roughly a conference title every 4-6 seasons. If Gundy had three conference titles right now I’d definitely give him the benefit of the doubt, but as in years past he’s proven that he still knows how to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

How many times have they been 2nd in the last 5 years? How many times have they won the conference in the last 10 years? The answer to both of those questions is the same as Iowa State and Texas and less than TCU and Baylor and OU. That’s half the conference.

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It doesnt matter if you go with the 3.6 average or any other. Go do the average of the other teams. We would have the second best there 2.

I pointed out that 2 of Baylor’s title came with no title games. We have had the best record 3 times if they were in the no title ge they would have been automatic titles. So it points baylor got lucky to have 3 they didnt work for all 3. Your still using your double standards to explain away osu football.

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And I’ll point out that even if you subtracted those two they have just as many as Gundy does.

The double standard here is trying to say Baylor didn’t earn the conference title last season when they did what they were asked to do in order to get there and win it. (Without any evidence of cheating I might add)

Wow!!! What a stupid comment!!!

I see you gurls are getting nerves. Doubling down harder the season gets close. Does it hurt. Im just saying you guys only think about gundy.
Normal fans have been on about baseball wrestling realignment.

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You’re the one that’s doubling down here lol. We’re just stating facts and how things probably should’ve worked out.

Who’s in control of the football program, and has been for 18 years? Why would we not talk about him?

How much bs have you guys been saying about sanders.
The guy is all big 12 and you guys act like its a mystery he was vote for perseason.

We just came of a 12 and 2 record and you yahoos are saying gundy is the worst coach in the league. These lil jab are guys who cant find facts in a pool of facts. Your volume hasnt changed but 3 others have. So your an ess all the time and they are nervous. Is that better joy

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We didn’t say he’s the worst coach in the league. We’re just not so sure he’s the best coach in the league. Just because you finally make the Big 12 title game after five other Big 12 teams have means nothing. In fact, there were two coaches that got fired even after being there (Patterson and Herman).

Joy you have to think he is the worst coach because you have named every coach dead or a live that could do better then gundy at stillwater.

Yea isnt that great gundy has seen a lot of fired coaches .
Even super duper mike leach lol

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