The Rundown: Mike Gundy Talks about His 2022 Signing Class

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Gundy breaks down his 2022 class.

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“I’m not in charge of the overall concept of what we’re doing here…”.


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The best yet!!

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University administration level above Gundy is how I took it (President and AD).


Fair enough. As I re-read, I can get that (with your help).

When I first read it, I took it as he was talking about the football program. And I thought if he’s not in charge who is?!

“Six four stars? That’s good. Quite honestly, I don’t even pay attention to 4 stars” Yea we know this coach. By the way you didn’t sign 6 4 stars because that would be well a top 15 class or better. I could get on the same boat with gundy if in fact we would win conference championships more than 1 out of 16 years but him always acting like the culture is better to have than talent is not what I’m seeing. Yes culture will keep guys around longer but you keeping less talented guys around longer.

Jeffy 11 wins title game big 6 bowl 8 4 star recruits 6 composite. At some point will ur wokeness fade and urs will drop. Oh wait ur not afraid of the dark, u can come out of the dark closet.

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Name all 8 4 stars please

He is recruiting better I give him that. Liked how he gave himself an out if he can’t get to the top of the weak conference we will be getting into tho. Basically said if everybody body is not on board than we can’t but if they are then we can.

Well that’s easy. U can look up them. It’s not a secret
A secret what u want from gundy. U can find 6 on the offensive side that are composite. They are found in an article today on here. Desean I think is a 4 star on espen and rival dang near a composite. Epps is a rival 4 star. I like how u guys can’t prove anything but expect us to. Which is find I dnt live in never every land with unicorns and :fairy:‍♂:fairy:‍♀.


Gundy keep saying 23 recruits does that mean he already has 6 transfer guys.

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So Rivals and 247sports list OSU as signing 6 four stars….

If you look at avg player rating then OSU is 29th at Rivals and 25th at 247sports among teams with at least 10 signees.

Let me help

Talyn Shettron
Ollie Gordon
CJ Brown
Tyrone Webber
Braylin Presley
Garret Rangel


Posted this elsewhere but were 25th nationally and 1st in the new B12


I have a Unicorn named Joncier

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Watch Gundys press conference. He says that he knows some who are considering the portal but didn’t give a count

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Gundys putting a lot of public pressure on the new administration to pour resources into football and I like it.

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That’s what it sounds like. Sounds to me he just said listen, I can get us to the top because I’m good enough but are you guys willing to do your part. Well I got one question for gundy and that is this…was it the administrations fault you didn’t beat Baylor to be the top team in the conference?