The Rundown: What Mike Gundy Said about His 2021 Signing Class

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Gundy is high on his 2021 class.

364 grad 16 yrs almost 23 a yr. That’s real good. Around 40 a class. But not all go 4 yr.

I think if I was a senior, I’d want my coaching staff to ask me to return.


“Putting this group with the guys that we have here and the players that we’ll recruit over the next few years, we’ll be competing for a big 12 championship.”

One must ask Gundy what his definition of “competing” is in his eyes. Is it competing until the middle of the season? Is it competing to the end of the season? Or is it competing in an actual conference title game?

Because based on historical data from 2017 and our 2020 season his definition of competing seems to differ a little from mine, and I’m sure most other OSU fans out there. Let’s just hope he’s right and continue our “Wait until next year!!!” battle cry.

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When I read that I thought of u joe. So predictable. One minute u cry he doesn’t talk about champs. Now he is does, its bad talking about it. U and ar1 r those grumpy old muppets from the show.

How about instead of him actually talking about competing for conference championships he starts actually DOING it?

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His definition of competing is, at the beginning of the season 10 will be competing for a conference title, his team will be one of them.


In unison amazing. For a along I thought u guys were the same guy. Maybe not. Joe ar1
I like how both of u didn’t talk at all about 364

No Robert, Joe and ar are the Mutt and Jeff of Doom & Gloom. If they said anything good about the Cowboys I would have to check if the apocalypse had arrived. At the very least the Sun would rise in the West and set in the East or Hell has frozen over when they had a positive response. I just shake my head and laugh at the drivel they type.

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They are a bundle of fun

You and Robert seem to be the Neil and Bob of the mullet worshipers or is that WHAT you do?


Projecting again are. Ar u know ur psych doctor wont like that. Be honest about ur ownself.

Keep trying Sir Bob’s a lot.

I don’t even have to think u write urself. Never said how great Gundy has had 364 cowboy graduate.

That’s good, they’re going to need it cause he can’t teach football.

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U real do need to take a breathe. I mean u make me smile that ur so selfish.

Quick do something, Gundy’s per-player average is falling as we speak!

Its second highest it ever been what r u talking about

Time to recheck.

Yea they gave #'s to the one kid. They also have Anthony on there instead of Richardson. Then when we get the Auburn kid. U do the math.