The Rundown: What Mike Gundy Said after Oklahoma State's Loss in the Big 12 Championship

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On Spencer Sanders, goal line struggles and more.

“I say this all the time. Coaches don’t make up teams. Coaches only provide a blueprint, and the players make the teams.”

Sounds to me like the coaches need to find better players that can execute the predictable blueprint then. (offensively speaking)

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“I would have sure liked to have got that touchdown at the end for the players to enjoy that, but sometimes in life we don’t always get what we want.”

Yep!!! Like conference titles when you’re stuck with a bowl-eligible type of coach.

@robert28 and @michael13 y’all seem very quiet tonight. You don’t want to talk about who’s crying? Mediocre Mike just did what mediocre Mike does.

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Actually Roberto said “God it was a great game.” He’s just soaking up the greatness that we got the joy of witnessing. Give him some time to recover from the “great game.”

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From these comments I get the impression Gundy feels like this team over achieved. I don’t know if he ever believed this offense was good enough to compete for a championship.

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There was nothing great about that game. We turned the ball over 4 times and Baylor was still bad enough they almost gave it back to us. Based off what I saw today neither one of these teams deserved a win.

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Oh I know. I’m sure it’s just Roberto’s way to convince himself that it was an acceptable loss when in fact half the team and coaching staff blew it for the whole team. Just an ugly, stress, and rage inducing waste of 4 hours.

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Jug you’re too dumb to see our Oline just got their a&& whipped plus our running back out. I don’t cry like you or hide when we win. Go back to shoveling chit and while you’re at it , eat a little


When you’re on the 1 and 2 yard line as many times as they were, it’s 100% coaching.


How many years did you Coach Jug ?

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Dude they got to the 6 yard line 5 times and only managed 1 touchdown. That’s poor coaching.


To a extent I agree with that. I do believe Gundy exceeded the expectations during the season and preseason but couldn’t deliver in the big one. Settling for mediocrity. I thought that attitude was gone.


So……it’s good coaching to get them to the 1……bud bad coaching when they don’t score?

Baylor was better up front. OSU got whipped up front. That’s not coaching. Sometimes they’re just better than you are. I will say that the playcalling on that series was terrible. OSU hadnt been able to run the ball all day long…….& you try it again? How bout get your dual-threat QB on the edge instead of giving it to your backup RB behind a very average OL that’s been getting beat all day?


I’m trying to figure out if you agree or disagree. Does bad playcalling equal bad coaching? Pick a side.

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Completely agree sir.

I’d really like Gundy to get a new O.C. I never wanted Mike Yurcich (misspelled) to go. I liked Todd too. We’ve had some decent O.C.'s. But never a great D.C.

Because his goal is to get to a bowl game. He can say the goal every year is to win a conference title game. As long as he’s just making a bowl game he’ll be here at least another 10 years. He knows it and he will never receive enough negative feedback because we’re so afraid of the OSU football program being in shambles. Even though Baylor keeps proving us wrong.

On Spencer Sanders’ performance and why OSU was able to move the ball at the end of the game after struggling to before

“Well, first off, we didn’t protect him very well,…”

On how Spencer Sanders handled the emotions of throwing four interceptions

“I thought he was great when it comes to his composure and willingness to listen and identify what the issues were and then rally back. He has come a long way from where he was a couple of years ago.“

Right. All 4 pics are fault of o-line. He [Sanders] was great.

We definitely missed Godlevske and Baylor has a good defense. O-line struggled all day. Agreed.

But seriously, Sanders is great? Those 4 pics are all on o-line? He has come a long way? Um, no.

I bet that o-line is really inspired by Gundy. No, not really.

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