The Rundown: What Mike Gundy Said after OSU's Loss to TCU

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Everything Mike Gundy said after OSU’s loss to the Horned Frogs.

blah blah blah…who cares.


I’ve never seen a more incompetent HC in my life. How he still has a job is unfreaking believable.


He keeps telling us we need better coaching. Listen to him.


If Tennessee fires Jeremy Pruitt and they give Gundy a call I say the administration tells Gundy to move to Knoxville and the administration shouldn’t expect Tennessee to pay his buy out. We should go ahead and pay Tennessee to take him.


Tennessee or anyone else doesn’t want him anymore.

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He just needs a little more time for the master plan to manifest itself.

Holder needs to tell Gundy he’s not getting paid to get his guys to compete. Getting paid to win!


It’s a holder problem now

When your head coach tells you that we need better coaching after every game and tells you he doesn’t know why you’ve kept him here this long and you haven’t got rid of him yet…well you are now the problem. Osu will never be a dominant figure in football ever. How many non blue bloods have won a national championship since they first day they hiked a football? That’s your odds lol. Oklahoma state is not a football school so you can hope and pray someday they will win it all but you will find yourself 80 years old complaining about the same thing. It’s the truth and yes it sucks but what can you do? Gundy is so bad lol. Name me one thing this clown is good at??? It’s really hard to come up with something

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He’s good at being a jackass

I don’t even expect him to win a national championship. I just want him to start competing for 2nd place and he can’t even do that.

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Dang that’s a good one.

Your right he can not. Just got to get Holder out of there to get gundy out of there.

Third time’s the charm, UTK! Puleaze!!! :pray:

The O-line is playing some REDSHIRT freshman. Replacing an injured REDSHIRT freshman (Birmingham) and REDSHIRT soph (Anthony).

We ran two players off campus (Bray and Farrell) and no one really knows why.

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Biggest takeaway:

Blockquote ***On if there was something he thought OSU would be able to do offensively that it couldn’t do. Gundy: “No, no I don’t think so.” ***

What the hell were you trying to do then?!?!?! Run an incoherent offense?!?!

Gundy is either unwilling to admit massive coaching mistakes or severely lacking in self awareness. Or both.


This is just since the start of the 2018 season to where OSU football is currently:

  • Gundy has finished 9th, 5th, and depending what happens Saturday he’ll finish either 4th or 5th in the conference this season.

  • Gundy is also 13-13 in the conference as of right now. A loss against Baylor Saturday would make him 13-14.

  • Offensively speaking they’ve went from 38.4 ppg in 2018, to 32.5 ppg in 2019, to currently 27.2 (currently 75th in the FBS)

  • For turnover ratio in 2018 they finished 47th, 65th in 2019, and currently 65th

Does anyone else besides myself see the trend here?

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Sick of hearing “We’ve got to do a better job coaching.”

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Stick a fork in him, he’s done. But that’s okay because he’s the winningest coach in OSU history—fart sound!
He sucks! He fell into it, had his chance and now he’s milking the cow. SUCKERS!
In the Top 10 paid coaches. In the Top 10 facilities. Can’t break into the top 40 recruiting. He’s like a freaking politician.
Enough! Impeach him!