The Top 5 Quotes from Mike Gundy's First Spring Ball News Conference

To clarify I was referring to a position coach

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Braye played some as a true freshman you idiot. Gundy saved his redshirt. See you don’t know anything about the team or who’s playing till they leave then you say they could be an AA……
Stop the dumbassery joy , no one want to listen to it much less read it I guess Oliver didn’t see the field as a freshman ? Best I remember he led the team in sacks as a true freshman !!
Go find a hobby, axe throwing would be good for you

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I know. I never denied he didn’t play. Also, I only said if a freshman is far better. Try to keep up here.

The conversation and topic was based on OL freshman. Try to stay on topic and keep up here.

This is exactly what I keep talking about. If you’re too stupid to stay on the topic you don’t need to be discussing football on these forums.

You’re wrong on both counts. Just too stupid to admit you were wrong about freshmen not playing
When you got caught speeding your want to say I didn’t stay on topic , which is what you do constantly. You had no idea Bray played as a freshman, remember no freshman play for Gundy ? …… just stupid remarks to chat a cheap shot at Gundy Go ahead admit you were wrong joy
Everyone knows your chit talking is wrong anyway
Try and learn who we have on the team first would help you

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Bryce Bray was one of the best freshman Gundy had as an OL in a while. Notice how I said “unless they’re way better”. Notice how I also said “They’ll never see the field”. In fact, the only time I said a freshman on the OL would see the field is if we’re up by 30 or due to injuries.

That has been true ever since Bryce left the program back. Notice also how I never denied Bray played as a freshman (RS or not). It makes sense to play freshmen if you’re ahead by a bunch or injury stricken. The issue here is you ignore the topic and conversation altogether.

Instead, you go on the attack to defend Gundy, and you bring up other freshman from other positions when that wasn’t part of the topic at all. Just because I make a statement about Gundy’s philosophy on football players doesn’t automatically constitute an attack on his evaluations or thought process. It’s just what he’s done for years.

This is exactly why I keep telling you that you’re too stupid to get the point. You’re not wanting to listen or understand. You’re only wanting to be heard. Therefore, you ignore the obvious and focus more on your gratification for self-validation. So I’ll say again. Next time, if you can, try to stay on topic :+1:.

Your comment that unless they are way better
( which isn’t saying much ) ? What does that say about your negative attitude towards Gundy and the players and then post in another article that if we don’t go 12-2 something is bad wrong,? WTF ?
That’s a complete narcissist joy. It’s tiring trying to figure out what you really want to say. Do you think every player we get is total crap ?
You bash everything from the qb to the kicker
So do you want a total change over to a new coaching staff , complete roll over of players or do you just want to biotch I told you you should start axe throwing, I’m changing it to bird watching. Something to keep you off these boards

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It’s no secret the offensive lines have been unstable and not consistent since Wickline left. You’d have to not watch an OSU football game over the last 10 years to not be able to figure that out. There’s only four or five years in the last ten where the line has been decent. The only year we’ve averaged 5 ypc since Wickline left was 2019. That’s it!!!

No, but it’s hard for me to gauge how good they are when experience is chosen over talent. Experience doesn’t automatically constitute to becoming better. Look at Bowman. That dude is going into his 7th year of football, and so far we know he still doesn’t know how to step up in the pocket to make a pass.

Nah, so far just the OC. Simply because I don’t think players from the opposing team should be telling reporters on national television they figured out what the OSU OC was going to do before he even did it :man_shrugging:. Thats understandable if you’re playing Bama or Georgia, not South Bama though. Should probably be a little smarter with your offense when you’re the 15th highest paid OC in the country.

Ku just signed their guy for 7 million never winning 10 game. Msu had that guy for more then gundy.

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Joy one last time , when Wickline was here we had really good OL , we also had good backs. When he left he never produced the production he did here. Wasn’t even close. Reason why he never stuck anywhere. Plus he wanted to be the OC ……so take it for what it’s worth
Playing USA did you think we would show every play In the playbook.? Sure they knew. We were running our base plays That’s why you don’t understand football. You think we open up every play in the playbook in non conference. Get a grip
Gheez you just want to bash Gundy and the way he runs a program

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KU is also a worse program than OSU. Put two and two together. What has KU done since 2001 besides one Orange Bowl victory and one 10 win season?

What does that have to do with his consistency at OSU? I don’t care what he did elsewhere. It was obvious at OSU he had a system in place and it was really good. It’s taken us 10 years to put a system in place for the OL here before finding out what we have on the OL and how to execute it with the type of backs we have. That is inexcusable. My point and fact still remains. 5 ypc was almost always a given under Wickline. We’ve only accomplished that once since his departure.

You shouldn’t have to show every play in the playbook to beat USA. Especially if you’re top ten in wins and as good as you claim we are. Get over yourself. I would think you would start giving the ball to your best players once you get down 16-0 at home to USA. Guess we don’t.

You deserved to be bashed for such an atrocious and inexcusable event (like USA). If you want credit for some things, then you better be willing to endure criticism for blatant negligence as well.

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So ku being losers can spend 7 million and thats ok. We got 20 good years out of gundy.

How did the msu hire work out.

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When you’ve been a loser for a long time and someone does something for you for the first time in 15 years then yes it’s fine. I wouldn’t have any issue giving Gundy boatloads of money turning a bad program around. The issue here, that you don’t realize, is that we’ve had practically 20+ years of winning now. It’s time to move onto bigger things than just a bowl game. Why would you reward more pay for the same results? Sure, adjust pay for inflation, but stop paying a dude as the 15th highest paid OC when he’s losing 78-10 to the likes of USA and UCF.

The only thing osu needs to move on from are crazy fan like you.

The only thing OSU needs to move on from in acting like they care about football and basketball with only one conference championship in the big 12 for each.

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You are phuking clueless joy. lol. You think Wicklone was a genius don’t you. If he was why didn’t his system work at Texas with far more talent You’re wacko , simply don’t know chit about football. Check google out , you’ll see we are top ten in wins and wins against top 25. Check back with me when you do :joy:
USA game was non conference game, where you see who can play and make plays. Sure give the ball to Ollie 30 times in the 3rd game you moron
You saw how crippled up he was at the end of the season. Your football knowledge is a minus
As @robert28 said it was okay for Kansas to pay 7 million for a losing program ? MSU. Paid more and fired their coach Gosh dam get some common sense, read that 101 on football. Don’t ask your daddy he’s dumber than you

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You just proved Robert’s point…. See how that worked Gheez guy or whatever you call yourself in real life :roll_eyes:

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You girls talk about ksu caring they have exactly zero natty’s in all sports. So please stop talking like you know anything about care.

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So fire Gundy and get rid of Lutz before he’s coached a game. You have problems jug ….,. I’m thinking mental :grin:

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It doesn’t matter what I think of Wickline. Why? Because the results speak for themselves. He was the best OL coach we had at OSU, and until Dickey or anyone else can prove otherwise it’s a no brainer you imbecile. I know thinking gets tough for you, but at least try.

Yep, and when you’re down 23-0 that’s when you stop and give the ball to proven players. Again, I know thinking is tough for you, but at least try.

MSU didn’t fire their coach for poor performance. He was fired for allegations of sexual assault. That’s a huge difference. I can’t say for sure he would’ve been fired in the future. Because he may have turned it around after his second year. You don’t have the slightest clue of what would’ve happened. Maybe research why he was fired next time. For a third time here. I know thinking is tough for you, but at least try.