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Let’s swap OSU’s last 10 years with Texas. Everything is pretty much the same, except it had a Longhorns logo on it and happened in Austin. Which ones do you think are true:

  • Texas gets selected to play LSU in the 2011 national championship after a narrow loss to Iowa State and a dominant victory over rival OU.
  • Texas QB Brandon Weeden wins the Heisman.
  • Texas men’s basketball gets into the NCAA tournament in the 2017-2018 season with a very similar resume to OU’s Trae Young team but having won the head-to-head matchups with OU 2-1.
  • Texas RB Chuba Hubbard wins the Doak Walker award in 2019 after leading the nation in rushing. He wins, or at least gets invited to NYC for, the Heisman trophy.
  • Texas Men’s basketball escapes the Lamont Evans saga with a wrist slap.

Feel free to add your own and brand a Texas logo on anything else for fun and misery.

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Texas fires Mike Gundy after losing a Big 12 championship game in 2013 and going 6-6 the following year.


Both are true.

Probably true, which is why they’re in a perpetual gutter; not really the game, though.


Gundy wouldn’t have been at any other school for 17 years. The only reason he is still here is he’s an alumni and low expectations.

Unfortunately OSU has had to stoop as low as settling for a guy that has lead them to a record that is top 10 in wins in the last decade of college football. Sad!


Yet no other power 5 school on that list has played less teams on that list.

See? This is why everyone hates you.

The coaches are starting to get smarter than the coaching carousel now. Even the good coaches are looking at their program, realizing that no matter how successful they are, they’re going to get fired as soon as they whiff on a class and have to rebuild. Now you have Lincoln Rileys and Jimbo Fishers leaving while their stock is high before their team falls off and some doors close.


Sure and I caused all that. BTW Gundy has won 1 major bowl in the last decade. He’s never been on their level and never will be.

I fill all warm when people give love for riley. A guy who has one upset win. We all know that riley went as far as the ou name could take him. The guy could coach an all-American team against kids in wheel chairs.
Jimbo is not far behind riley. These guys have big name schools helping them and still have troubles getting up.

You are continuing to cause it. If OSU couldn’t sell tickets or merchandise because the fan base was fed up with Gundy, he’d get fired. Now, you alone can’t do anything because you’re a sad, lonely loser that no one agrees with except other sad and lonely, malcontent losers.

However, you’re definitely contributing. If you give and pay as much as you say you do, you’re doing more to keep Gundy around than I am. I buy some merch and buy tickets every once in a while and give ratings to broadcasts, but I’m not a donor and I don’t buy thousand dollar tickets and travel (though I might have this year without life changes that happened). On top of that, you’re driving fansite traffic which raises brand awareness and visibility. When Weiberg is measuring how content the fans are, he’s looking at dollars and cents. On the back of that, he extended Gundy. You’re right that championships do not matter to this administration nor do they matter to any administration. If winning a championship made you lose money, everyone would avoid it. Because winning a championship gets you more money and support, people want it.

Instead of trying to impact anything with the only thing that matters, you just make illogical, emotional arguments and galvanize support for Gundy. I can guarantee that nothing you’ve ever said has convinced anyone to stop supporting him or the football team.

On the flip side, I got off the Boynton bandwagon and I do not support the basketball team. I do not watch or buy tickets. I don’t have specific complaints about how Boynton did this year because I didn’t watch. My only complaint is the result. If he does something to give us better results or he gets fired, I’ll watch again. Now you and the other trolls have very specific complaints about Gundy because you are consuming every second of every game. That doesn’t help your cause at all. Stop watching, you masochist.

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Case In point: Travis Ford. Mike Holder finally got the message……season ticket sale losses and predicted future season ticket sale losses finally became greater than the amount of the buyout. The fanbase (myself included) forced Holder’s hand by refusing to renew season tickets, and by not showing up to games regardless of opponent.

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To help this thing get back on track:

Texas wide receiver Dez Bryant is allowed to finish his junior (or senior…can’t remember) season, helping lead Z-Rob and the Horns to a Red River win and a Big 12 championship as the Horns rep the Big 12 South. The NCAA sends a congrats letter because Dez personally knows Primetime.

Texas pitcher Andy Oliver is allowed to play during the run in Omaha. Horns win a Natty in baseball.

I’ll give more later.


Thanks for unhijacking my thread from as s hats.

Man, no kidding on Dez, though. One I forgot to mention…

  • Thayer Evans is fired from Sports Illustrated after he presents a completely unsubstantiated expose on Texas Longhorns football.

Here’s a fun one!

Texas forward Mario Boggan caps off a 37 point night by hitting the game-winner in 3OT to defeat Kevin Durant and the Kansas Jayhawks!

Texas safety Donovan Woods makes the stop on A&M QB Vince Young as the Horns head to halftime up big! Horns go on to blow out the Aggies, putting a stop to Young’s Heisnan bid.

Stop responding to him and he’ll go away. Of course Gundy is an good coach. Everyone knows that. He doesn’t even believe what he’s saying, he’s just tryna get a rise out of you. If it was anything more than a troll job he woulda bought a + membership already. Just leave em alone.


Fantasyland. LOL

U finally realize where your ate

Riley went as far as the OU name could take him? I believe it’s the other way around. OU went as far as Riley could take them. I truly believe that because Bob retired (sorta) as abruptly as he did, OU would have had a few mediocre seasons if Riley had not been prepping for the opportunity. His work at ECU and Tech gave him the belief that he could win big at OU, which by all accounts he did. Minus a Natty (Thank God!). I think if Bob had felt forced to stay on as coach for another 2-3 years, if Riley was not the in-house replacement, then OU would’ve had an even tougher move to the SEC. Speaking of which, I really still hate that Bob and Venables bailed them out. Thanks, @robert28 for adding more rain on my Thursday….

Really lost at what your saying. First riley didn’t take ou as far as ou could take him. Multiple coaches got natty’s at ou.
Stoops left 4 years of top 15 classes. And his last year was a big 12 champ at 10 and 2. So basically riley just did the status quo. While increasing recuriting.
I’m sorry you? I gave you rain on your Thursday.
He had a worse record against us then stoops. And only one game he was an underdog.