Three Burning Questions Ahead of Oklahoma State’s Season Opener against Central Michigan

Originally published at: Three Burning Questions Ahead of Oklahoma State’s Season Opener against Central Michigan | Pistols Firing

On CMU’s returning playmakers and EDGE matchup that favors the Pokes.

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Even with last years oline their back only got like 38 yards against lsu. There suppose to have 4 new line men. These guys wouldnt know what hit them

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My burning question is is the OL actually worth something this year. Every season we get told all the good things that are being done to correct the deficiencies with the OL and then we see an OL disaster in the first game. I hope this year is actually different as the trend up to now is getting real old.


“Central Michigan is coming off a strong finish in 2021. The Chippewas won their last five games, and seven of their last eight, including a 24-21 Sun Bowl win over Washington State. So they’ve got some offseason momentum — if there is such a thing.”

If there is such a thing?

I certainly believe in it, and I’m hoping our Cowboys feel the same way, because that is exactly what is fueling the hype of this team, amongst Cowboys faithful, for this season!

Ride 'em Cowboys!

The way their returning starters line up seems as if it will be their experienced ground game against our returning front four and two new LBs. Our experience and proven productivity in the Receiver’s room leads me to believe we will light up their secondary and easily cover the spread -20.5


Bruce, if you have been following the reports from Fall Camp on the sea change mental determination and cohesiveness of this year’s O-Line, you would be very encouraged indeed. It seems they have really come together, and it has shown during the rigors of Fall Camp to the other position players, who have been very complimentary towards them and their effort. I am a believer until proven otherwise, and I have been disappointed, more than once, with O-line play in the past, but this is a brand-new season, and I am pumped about these guys.


Not sure why your talking and about the o line.

But, i will throw you a dart.

2 years ago it look good. Then a guy retires. Then 2 guys get kicked off. Then 2 get hurt rite of the bat.
So i think what was left did a great job.

Last we issues with cw back recievers new players. By big 12 play they improved. We had the lowest sacks 2nd in big 12 rushing and 1000 yard reciever.

This year we lost cole and coller is having issues. But we got 8 guys ready.

Most teams have issues with line.

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Would be nice if the Offense would come out and jump out to a big lead quick. That would negate their running game and play into the hands of the pass rush, which is the strength of our Defense.


Offensively speaking I’ll be watching closely to see how well our run blocking and rushing is going to be. I’m not exactly too worried about Sanders and the receivers right now. I’ll be looking for consistency in the rush as a opposed to runs for huge gains.

Defensively speaking I kind of hope the back end of our defense gets tested some. They’re going to need it for future games. I still think this is going to be a weird game where we don’t put up a lot of points and we don’t cover.

I don’t think we lose, but I don’t see us really putting this one away until around the beginning of the 4th quarter or so. I’ll take OSU 27-10.

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I have a feeling you will be proven otherwise rather quickly. Cohesiveness, blah blah blah, mumbo jumbo, etc etc, therefore and what if, the Iraq. You sound like Miss South Carolina. Lots of words but they don’t make sense. Fall camp has nothing on an actual game scenario. Fall camp is also meaningless if they all get hurt AGAIN this season. You said you are a believe but you have been proven wrong many times. lol. Yeah, that makes me trust your word salad above. Long story short, none of what you said matters because Gundy is still the coach, and Sanders is still our QB. Which means, we still won’t win anything meaningful. We are dealing with a ripe turd that has 40 Turnovers in 33 games. And we still have this year and next year. He will be the winningest QB at OSU and he will have the most turnovers in college football history. And we still won’t win a conference championship.

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It’s tough to predict injuries. If we could, we would avoid them for sure. It’s not like we have 50k to pay offensive linemen to come play at oSu. Odds are we still beat Texas.


Texas is still short line man.


Agreed. I’ll be surprised if Gundy actually comes out and puts the pedal to the medal. It’s because of him that I gave my 27-10 prediction. In all likelihood Gundy will do the two things he does best:

  1. Play down to the level of the competition

  2. Play not to lose (if he’s ahead)

I think OSU will probably be ahead by 10-14 points in the 4th quarter, but he’ll run the ball and turn it into a punt (or FG) contest as always.

Do you have an inside track or something? Are you at practices and in meetings? Just curious. Not being rude or condescending, this time. lol

Yep the report out of camp is glowing. Hopefully this time around what they say will be true.

Talking about the O-line because they are a problem seemingly every year. Not sure what is hard to understand about that.

I guess its about how you perceive what a problem is.
My post early talked about what this " horrible " line did last year. On another string i break down how in four spots we are better then last year. With cole out we would have been better all around.

Most college have line issues. Do we have the best no.

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Yea not trying to predict or debate that the o-line is going to be bad again this year. Just hoping that all the good news that we are hearing about the 0-line comes to fruition.

I have given my opinion on how the oline will be compared to last year on another string.

Im just trying to figure why you call the line bad. We have definitely had issues with our line. With injuries kick guys off and retiring or portal.
Even this line is not as good as i had imagined with cole going down

How are you getting to a bad line. Compared to Alabama, yes we have a bad line. Compared to any other team in the big 12 thats debatable

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Yeah, I don’t get the hate about last year’s line. It wasn’t a worldbeater and it wasn’t deep, but they were effective. I think it’s a combination of the conference championship game where we played the best D-line we faced all year without our center and the non-con when no one but Warren could get yardage. Everything in between was effective enough and also in the NY6 game.

The question for me is whether it’s a step toward getting it together or if we’re just duct taping a line together every year and hoping it holds.


OMG I didn’t call the o-line bad. I’m just saying I hope we don’t get bad issues like in the past OMG learn to read. LOL