Three Burning Questions Ahead of Oklahoma State's Week 3 Matchup with Arkansas Pine Bluff

Originally published at: Three Burning Questions Ahead of Oklahoma State's Week 3 Matchup with Arkansas Pine Bluff | Pistols Firing

Can the Cowboys put some concerns to bed before heading into a bye week and their Big 12 slate.

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I had to check those teams out.

North America is newer then gundy. 2007 they are naia. We had abunch of these schools, i guess d 3 and naia are equal. So pine bluff went down 2 division. Be like us playing Tahlequah.

Lane and pine bluff are both well below msu as fcs teams.

I hope they have a unique offense give our 3and4s a good run. Main thing eliminate unforced errors

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This is a team that finished 2-9 last season with wins over Lane College (D2) and Grambling State (by a touchdown). I know they got six transfers in from bigger schools, but this is not a very good team. This SHOULD be over within the first 22-23 minutes of the game.

I look for little Gundy to get some game experience.


Scheduling this team is a slap to the face of every season ticket holder.

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Says the ou fan who’s team is playing Nebraska next.


Maybe someday Gundy will be brave enough to play Nebraska. Only if they keep getting worse.

I would say " did the slap hit" but why would you by tickets

There on the schedule and cant get worse then this year. Wrong on 2 fronts. Pathetic jug

I don’t by tickets, I buy tickets, every year.

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I hope the slap hurt. I guess you wont get a speeding ticket for this game. Poor jug could stay home with your family. Im sure they enjoy when your gone

I heard their biggest win ever was against a team whose qbs name was Betty White. Something about they won a Snickers?

Now im jealous we only get cheetos

You guys are funny today .

Looks like the schedule won’t get much better next year either . But the year after we have SDSU, Tulsa, Arkansas non con . Hope r get hay trend continues.

I could see us dropping all three lol

SDSU wants a piece of us . Tulsa is due against us and Arkansas has been getting better

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I don’t mind scheduling Tulsa and Arkansas. Those games are close to home and easy to get to. I’ve been complaining for years on why we don’t play Arkansas any longer (only 1.5 hours from the house).

Kind of wish we would schedule at least another competent G5 team rather than APB. Like SMU or something. It does nothing for the fans or the players. Sure it’s a W on the schedule, but it just feels wrong and should be illegal.

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Go cry to Alabama see if they will help you to outlaw bad opponents.

We got em, Nebraska, in 2034 and 2035. Maybe They will have found a decent coach by that time

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I think any P5 school should be outlawed from playing anyone lower than a G5. Unless you like watching us beat up on defenseless football teams?

With the playoff expanding I’m actually for it. Because when that happens you can win the conference and get in automatically so it doesn’t matter what you do in the non con. So treat it like the NFL, schedule 2 games that challenge you and prepare you then you have one week (like the week between preseason NFL and regular season) to rest your starters, get healthy, get your starters focused on the first real opponent, and then allow your underclassman to get real experience that will help your team in the future.

Going back once again to remind what Gundy said about scheduling non-conference teams. He said that playing conference games is hard enough, it takes a physical toll on the players. So why add to that by scheduling tough non-conference opponents? He that would just wear down the players. As fans we would like to see strong opponents, but Gundy thinks in terms of what is best for the team rather than what is best for entertainment of the fans. I agree with him. That is why he is paid millions while we get nothing back from writing these opinions.