Three Early Potential Candidates for OSU's Vacant Defensive Coordinator Spot

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A coach on the rise, promoting from within and a proven commodity.

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Weren’t Fat Pats defenses lacking and that’s part of the reason he got canned?


I doubt we get Houston’s DC.

What about Liberty’s DC Scott Symon?

Younger, from Texas, top 20 defense.


A big NO to Patterson.

What about Joseph Gillespie from Tulsa? He made Xavier Collins (a low-end three star recruit) a 16th overall draft pick and college defensive player of the year.

He also made Tulsa go from being the 2nd worst defense in the AAC to the 2nd best. He might be someone worth taking a look at. He was also a former linebackers coach too.

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I think he’s been getting interviewed for a few other places

Be cheaper to promote from within right??

But they don’t need to be cheap,probably why Knowles left. They should go for broke with this next hire even if it’s from the nfl ranks. Ideal would be Gary Patterson,but that’s dream

Why not? He’s proven,& Knowles was branch off his 4-2-5 tree

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What about Elijah Robinson?

I mean can we still believe anything out of our coaches mouth because every time he says something it doesn’t happen so…,

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Yeah. I guess if you’re going to do that I’d go with Greg Richmond or Joe Bob Clements. Then again seeing how the Dunn experiment is working out it seems a little scary. I know Joe Bob’s salary is $420,000 a year right now.


How is it anyone’s fault they couldn’t match 2.5 million a year for an assistant coach?


If OSU wouldn’t match what Ohio State was paying, I don’t see them competing for Belk or Patterson. Not even sure Patterson is a good hire, can he coach defense in the modern college football?

Either Joe Bob gets promoted or Gundy goes searching through Division II or a lesser football power, much like how he got Yurcich and Knowles. Let’s just hope it’s not another Vance Bedford or Glenn Spencer.

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Patterson doesn’t want to play second fiddle to anyone. He will come back as a head coach somewhere. I sitll don’t believe that Knowles left primarily for money. He wants to help build a national championship team at Ohio State. These highly intelligent types get bored so they raise the bar higher for themselves. Winning the Big 10 is a direct path to the playoffs each season. Winning the Big 12 is not necessarily a ticket to the big dance. Ohio State soon does very well and then we see Knowles in the NFL for the really big bucks. Coaches are very aware and impressed with Cowboy’s defense, so I think there are alot of good DCs out there who would love to have Gundy give them a call. Not sure about hiring from within because the defense was not a system anyone could probably duplicate. The defense was Knowles mind. So Gundy will find an underpaid DC who has great stats and will offer bigger bucks and problem solved. But if he hires from within, then problem enhanced.
Before the season started Knowles was not listed as one of the top 25 DCs. That means that there are a lot of good ones out there. Doesn’t mean that they want to trade places, however. So this will be an interesting challenge. I wonder if Gundy will allow Knowles to coach in the bowl game? I wouldn’t make that decision until my emotions settled down. Go find us another hidden gem Gundy, that seems to be what you do best.

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Agree with most of this. I semi-agree with the Knowles’s mind comment as he did make lots of excellent in-game adjustments. However, that’s not to say being around him didn’t give people insights to how he made adjustments, and there are general philosophies that could be applied: when and how to bring pressure, how he contained mobile QBs, etc.

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I just hope we don’t end up having a few players hit the transfer portal

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I once worked at a university where the director of our department made us write down everything we did on the job and how we did each job duty when we began our new job. This was so he could have a manual of how to do the job to hand to the next employee should any of us leave the university. Like handing over a playbook. That way the know how for job performance stays with the organization instead of disappearing along with the fleeing employee. That would help if Gundy hires from within. But those adjustments during the game that Knowles made might not be teachable. A game of chess. Let Gundy earn his salary and hopefully hit another one out of the park… I think Gundy has already received a number of calls from guys who would love to move on up to the Big 12. Patterson would be a great hire since he would have good talented players to execute for him. But not sure if ego would allow title as assistant coach. Depends on what the man desires in terms of his next destination.

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I think we might have a few decide not to come back for their extra season now that Knowles is gone. Any word on the injury of Tre Sterling in the Baylor game?

Patterson had the same level of talent at TCU and his defenses started slipping at the end. Now can he correct that since he wouldn’t be a head coach and just a DC? Possibly but I’m not so sure if we want to hire a guy that got canned as a head coach from a place he has a statue built.

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