Three-Star Corner Avyonne Jones Includes OSU in Top 10

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Could a tie to an OSU commit help the Cowboys secure Jones’ commitment?

Can’t wait to hear the 3 star haters run this kid down :unamused:

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Actually they just say, thats about par.
If he was a 4 star then we would hear all sort of stuff.

This isn’t even a complete thought bud.

Sorry left a word out. But cents u think it why wood u need me to tell u what ur going saying about 3 :star2:

Are you brain dead?

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No just left u a pile💩. U always like my riting. So left u a special note. Anything else u need to know.

He may not be a 4 star but with all that are recruiting him 84 is low.

That’s about par

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Why do our kids we recruit look like their pushing 12 years old lol just a thought.

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I have noticed that too

You look at some of the sec players and they look like they should have graduated collage already lol

U mean like lebron who look 30 at 18


I know you watch wrestling and this is a football thread but I watched the big 12 championship match and Ferrari is a monster and almost pulled that big 12 championship out!

God yes he did. Thats what # 1 national recurits can do. He is a beast.

Speaking of age fix can have full beard looks 25 at 133
Some of are 6’6" 300lb lineman look 16 lmao

Well that was fast miles is out at ku.
They call that karma joe.
At least they r not even mentioning osu any more.
Texas racial committee has finished.
Know joe thats a place that has real issue with race.

This goes back to what I said in one of the forums about a week or two ago. Why are we still recruiting players like we’re North Texas or Northern Illinois?

I guess in all fairness the kid has a chance to be one of the higher three stars or so by the end of his senior season. We shall wait and see.

The only thing I can see is that he’ll add some depth to the roster or so for three years and MAYBE he’ll start or get significant playing time his senior season in college.

I’m just skeptical when it comes to recruiting a kid that’s 91st in his position (especially on defense) and if he doesn’t produce like fans expect him to, finding myself trying to explain to all the slack jawed yokels out there why we continue the vicious cycle of losing bedlam every season, and staying as a middle of the pack conference team.

A school that’s had a song around forever is a little bit of a different situation than a school that still employs a coach with a history of throwing racial slurs at other college football players.