Three Things Steve Sarkisian Said Entering the Longhorns' Game against OSU

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What Sark said about the matchup with the Pokes.

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Just once I would love for a coach come out and trash talk the other team.


WWE let’s rumble :joy::joy::joy::joy:
Gundy: u need a shot of whiskey
Shark: I’m a man
Gundy: I’ll be dancing after the game
Shark: well ummm I juggle


If gundy looses this game it will be a bad loss.

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How r u mean

Bad lose because we’re 5 and 0
Or Texas sucks bad lose

This OSU team losing at this Texas team would depend upon how it happens. You people are acting like Texas is terrible. TEXAS IS FAVORED TO WIN!! How in the hell would that be a bad loss?!?!?!

Vegas has been wrong. But we’re never​:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

They are not any good. Their defense is not good their run defense is in the 100’s and we supposedly statistically have the best defense in the league. Texas has two loses and ranked yes but ranked 25th and we are ranked 12th. We have a quarterback on his third year and Texas has a new quarterback. We have a 16 year coach and Texas has a new coach. We have the veteran team Texas does not so that basically that’s why. If we loose it will be a bad lose in football viewers eyes.

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I would expect smart money by the end of the week to put it at around a 3 point game.

Vegas gets some wrong. No doubt. But…theyre right far more than not.

Right now they want people to take Texas. They are begging them too. That’s why the line is a touchdown.

I never said Texas was a terrible team. They could possibly be the best team we’ve played up to this point.

Well, I dont think so. The spread has gone up. Now its not gone up by more than 1/2 pt, so thats the betting public which would be favoring the brand name in Texas. So the smart money hasnt come in yet. but I dont think the line drops 2 pts in this one. We shall see.

But you have a really high bar if you think losing at this Texas team, with this OSU team, is a bad loss.

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I think u misunderstand demigod. Satan is not one.

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Yea I just think with their best defensive end out and their second leading receiver also out that we should be able to win this game comfortably. We got some guys back as well.

No dude, that line SCREAMS take OSU. Texas coming off a loss, OSU off a bye, OSU ranked that high…and it STILL comes in at a TD…is screaming for people to take the underdog

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Has vegas got any of osu games rite this year

Yes I meant osu