Three Thoughts on Mike Boynton's Contract Extension

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On the terms, Boynton and the administration.

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Well that was the longest bs article I’ve read for awhile.
Ever coach in the big 12 got paid more because they have all done more.


I had in my mind a raise to 3 million so no surprise there. I was afraid the admin was going to run scared and therefore offer a crazy amount like 4-5 million. I think it is insane that coaches are now all millionaires. Just a sign of the times of a world gone mad with materialistic excess. would not have offered a 7 yr extension. 5 at the most, but I would have been more comfortable with just 4 years. 7 yrs only if there would be sustained success during the next 4 yrs. There are so many good coaches out there I would not be so concerned about trying to keep anyone unless they were at a Bill Self, Mike K. or Roy Williams level. So I think the admin got a bit carried away but not too much. If Boynton cannot recruit a few perimeter shooters plus a realistic sized center then I don’t we see much sustained success going forward. I also think the 3 point line needs to be moved back to make those shots even harder to make. I am with Bobby Knight who was not in favor of the 3 point shot. We will most likely never again see the number one player in high school come to OSU, but I think with the right recruiting we can still be successful. Thanks to coach Boynton and Cade for that once in a lifetime season. I keep wondering how our season would have turned out had Cade tried to score more during the first half of each game. I think that could be the number one reason he is not the number one pick in the draft.

We will find out if it is worth it. Both drew and webber make less then 3 million. Both have none well at the dance and had down years.
If u pay more then those guy I would think next 7 years should be in the dance with at least one elite 8.
We had a chance to make a nice run, but failed. But, we’re paying bonyton like he made the run. Not a 5th place finish.
I’m with everyone, give him a raise. But 2 million for 3 or 4 years.

Pretty fitting that Mike Holder’s last action as AD was getting absolutely WORKED by another coach’s agent. He has been good at fundraising (which is probably 60% of the job) but so very bad at everything else.


Robert, I go back in forth in my mind about this raise for Boynton. On the one hand I agree with the way you are looking at it. But then I think how much Boynton accomplished this season by beating so many highly ranked teams while not having a perimeter shooter other than Cade, having no 3 point shooter other than Cade, and having no legit big man to play center. That is pretty amazing so I have to give credit to Boynton for that much success. And making it to the championship game of the Big 12 tournament was really special and would not have been expected for most of the season. I would love to see what he can do with more talented players. And he will get a chance to show us what he has as a coach as soon as he can recruit the missing pieces. Obviously, the administration believes he can pull this off. Not his fault they did not advance further in the NCAA tournament. They ran into a more talented team in Oregon State and also were the victims of bad calls from the refs.

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My main concern with boynton is development.
Out of all returning starters he has had none have gotten better. The 3 seniors and :ice_cube: and yori.
Yes Avery and boone got more stats with twice the amount of time played.
Time will tell, I mean we got 7 years.

Depends on what the preseason expectations are as well. If a group of people think your going to finish 7th in the conference with a trip to the NIT, and you finish 5th in the conference with a tourney win while having the brutal schedule you had then obviously your going to be viewed differently at the end of the season.

If you are supposed to be playing for a conference title in preseason expectations and continuously on almost an every season basis find a way not to meet those expectations while continuing to lose game after game against your rival then people are going to wonder why you continue to get raises.

You can’t continue to sound the alarm bell for not paying a guy that exceeded this season’s expectations while continuing to shield another guy that keeps proving he can’t meet expectations but continues to get pay raises anyway.

Ur getting a chubby. Didnt read it way to long.
That was one year. And 5th which was 0ne win from 7th. Let’s not reinvent the wheel. It was a good season, not a reason to make a retirement plan for boynton.

Of course you didn’t. You respond before getting all the information. Then wonder why nobody takes your comments or opinions seriously.

Joe lmao ur not give out info. U just write the same bs u can write in 2 sentences instead it takes u 3 paragraphs

U the one who doesn’t read. I never said not to give if a raise.

Guess I’ll just have to dumb it down kindergarten style. Almost forgot it takes you a day to read a couple of paragraphs. My bad!!

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U have dumbed it down just stop repeating urself over 3 paragraphs.

Just read it instead of arguing with me that you don’t want to read it.

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There are a lot of guys on here who rite long post and I read them. Reason being, I dnt know what they mite say. General they would not be able to cut down what they rite and still making their point. U on the other hand can.

I love Coach Boynton, but this is a bad contract for the university. Seven years is way too long and 3 million is a little high for Boynton’s resume. Did Holder not learn anything from the Travis Ford fiasco?


Nobody can know what anyone else has written without first reading it. What your talking about is making an assumption of what I said without the actual reading and knowing of it. So how can you be so sure if you never do read it?

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