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While we’re excited about hoops and it seems to be a popular and frequently commented on topic, what is everyone’s take on the OKC Thunder. I for one am excited about the new blood and I’d like to hear everyone’s opinion.

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I’m a big Thunder fan and although the off-season seemed to be a train wreck perception and outlook-wise, I’m starting to get a little cautiously excited about the future of the team. I think OKC has some young players with some potential (Shai, Bazley, Diallo) and obviously a hoard of draft picks over the next 5-7 years. I think the intriguing story of this season will be a how long we field a competitive team (seems like they are starting the season with that goal) and eventually if they will shift towards a full tilt rebuild by season end. So basically, how many games will CP3, Gallo, Schröder and maybe even Steven Adams play before getting dealt; really depends on what the team can get for them I guess. But on Oct 23, I’m a lot less gloomy about losing Russ and PG than I was during that fateful two weeks or so in the summer. Lol I think in the long run the trades could turn out to be brilliant given a situation that wasn’t going anywhere.

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You’ll be better than the Hornets at least.

The thunder I think will be a fun team to watch and it all depends on who and when people get traded. I don’t think CP3 gets moved with that contract, and I don’t think the market is right for Adams for get traded. With those two guys full out tanking would be unacceptable to them as they are ultimate competitors.

SGA is a phenomenal young talent and I can’t wait to watch him more. Diallo has some work but he’s becoming a great defender as well as T-Ferg.

They’re not contenders obviously, but I will be watching every night.

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I actually think the Thunder is going to surprise a lot of people. That being said, they need to unload Chris Paul and maybe even Steven Adams, for more draft picks.

I’m actually the most excited I’ve been for this team in a long time. For once, there are no expectations. I can relax and enjoy a game without expecting them to win. Just focus on individual player development. It’s a good time to be a Thunder fan if someone is looking for an NBA team.

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SGA is a dude. That’s my whole Thunder take.


Turns out Chris Paul is still good at basketball

Well we might be tanking this year, but I for one enjoyed the butt kicking we gave the Warriors today.

We needed that win. I think the team, in its current form, is pretty good. We should be 2-1 if we close out the Jazz. The Wizards game was just simply not being prepared, I guess?

That all being said, I still think we should consider tanking. Need a Top 5 pick in the draft.

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Tbh, I think this is the best path to tanking - Gallinari, CP3, and Schroder all play well to keep us afloat, see their stock rise, then flip them without giving up picks.

Hopefully sooner rather than later, so Bazley, SGA, Hami can continue to develop.

They’re definitely a fun team to watch. A ton of athleticism, especially in Hami, SGA and Bazely.

I don’t see the Thunder being able to flip CP3 unless a team is extremely desperate. His contract is just too much to take on. Gallinari and Schroeder may end up going, but I don’t see the thunder getting rid of CP3 until next offseason which isn’t entirely bad.

Random stat: It seems their three-point shooting is improving.

With the exception of the Wizards game, where they shot 21.7% from the perimeter (overall terrible game), they are shooting 40.3%.

37% vs. the Jazz
21.7% vs. the Wizards
46.9% vs. the Warriors
37.1% vs. the Rockets

Someone once said that this season, we will see if one of two things is true:

Can Billy Donovan actually coach up a team?
Did Russ hold back the offense all those years?

So far, in terms of shooting, the latter could be true…we shall see.

In terms of 3pt shooting % yes we are going to see an uptick in that as Russ was… not great… at 3’s off the dribble and he took a lot. SGA, Gallinari and CP3 are all good to great shooters (especially Gallo) and if TFerg would shoot the ball he would be a decent shooter as well. Is the offense different? Absolutely. Is it better without Russ? Probably not.

Am I the only person who thinks it’s complete and utter bullshit that the Warriors could potentially get the #1 pick, simply because their stars are all injured?

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Unfortunately that is the way of the draft in professional sports. At least they don’t automatically get the first pick for being last.

Luck is how they built their dynasty though, well and good scouting. As much as it hurts to say, their GM is really good.

Why is that bullshit?

You are essentially describing (to a lesser extent) the way that the Spurs got Duncan.

Because they just had a five-year run of being one of the best teams ever. And now they get to reload.

haha I can see how that’s frustrating, but nothing they’re doing intentionally

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