Top 7 Oklahoma State Storylines of 2021

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The events that shaped OSU athletics in 2021.

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Even with the Covid season it allowed oSu to just get better in all sports across the board. It’s a good time to be an oSu fan. I know this as I have been a fan through good times and bad.


Well…defense is a no show right out of the gates

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7 plays, 1:39, 7-0 ND. Is Gundy sure he still wants everyone making decisions for the defense?

Offense still sucks.


This is pathetic. Gundy better not promote one of these guys to DC.

I think he already has to be quite honest with you. This is why I chose ND to win. The best coach in Stillwater now resides in Columbus, Ohio. Also, I still remember how bad this offense can be when they actually have to play a decent defense.


Gundy never even challenged that pass call LOL. Is he sleeping on the sideline??

We have a 17 year veteran Head Coach getting his a55 out-coached by a guy COACHING HIS FIRST GAME AS A HEAD COACH!!!

Ty Martian is overrated big time. We need some better recruits at receiver

Two dropped passes in row by Martin. A QB that overthrows, underthrows, and throws behind his receivers. Then when Sanders actually throws a good pass the receivers drop it. This is why you need top 25 recruiting classes. So you possibly have a player that’s just as good if not better you can substitute in when the other decides to play like chit.

Think it’s time to drop 8 yet? Miss knowels bigtime

This is what a Mike Gundy coached football team looks like without Jim Knowles there. God forbid we ask the offense to carry us for one game.

I was informed by the all knowing genius Roberto that the players made Knowles good. Wonder why the “3 stooges” we have calling the defense look like fools?

Knowles leaves and we give up the most points on defense we have all season in the first half. Guess he’s a big loss Roberto.

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Gundy is such a moron LOL. He said when asked before the game what he expects out of Notre Dame‘s offense and he said “ I just can’t imagine them doing anything different than what they have done all year”. This guy just doesn’t understand that good offensive coordinators will change a game plan to win. He said the same thing about Bill Schneider when they came out and ran nothing but the wild cat all game and whooped our tails. What else can I say but gundy is not a championship coach. The stage is always too big for him. Hey, wait till next year.:man_facepalming:

I would’ve really liked this sanders about 3-4 weeks ago.


We are absolutely horrendous at trying to finish a drive from inside the 5 yard line. Do we have to have such close games? Can we not put a good team away for good when the opportunity presents itself?