Top recruiters on staff

I know most think Dunn is the best recruiter on the staff. That’s a justified thought obviously. However, I’m very impressed with the “newer” guys recruiting on the staff. I think Knowles and Dickey could be the 2nd best. They have turned around the 2 position groups that have been a weakness into a serious strength. The LBs are getting better from a recruiting aspect and development as well. Dickey puts guys into the NFL at a pretty high rate considering where he was. He will have a couple more get drafted that he recruited at KState this upcoming draft. I know you can make a case for the secondary coaches. I would love to hear opinions on who people view as the bests evaluator, closer, and developer because they are all very different


Great thread. I think kids know about Coach Glass and the work he does. I am sure his reputation coupled with our facilities, has a big impact and helps to close a lot of recruits. I don’t know if he goes out on recruiting trips, but glad he is on our staff!


Very good thread. Looking forward to it. Yurcich was an underrated recruiter.



I mean, he got Mason, right? That should put him pretty up there in recruiting in my book.


There’s no doubt about it. Rudolph and Sanders are exclusively his doing.


I think MY was/is a good evaluator, a really good closer, and a average developer. I think those all showed themselves in Mason Rudolph’s recruiting and career.



Rudolph is the only QB you can pin average development on Yurcich. That’s a small sample size. You could make an argument for Corn as well I suppose, but we didn’t have years to compare his progress in live games with him. If Mason doesn’t develop in the NFL with other QB coaches he may be the common denominator and not Yurcich.

Definitely with you on the evaluator and closer aspect though. Still not sure why he was so unlikable.

Two reasons.

  1. He wasn’t Monken. He never really stood a chance.
  2. He was boring. He had the personality of a dialtone so we all figured he just did whatever Gundy said. Right or wrong, that was our narrative.

Yeah, for some I guess so… but look at the ■■■■ numbers!


So Dickey, Dunn, and Knowles are kind of unanimous best in no particular order. Who would you pick as the worst recruiter?

  • Joe Bob
  • Woz
  • Hammerschmidt
  • McEndoo

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I reserve the right to change my vote multiple times.


To make it not so unanimous:

  • Dickey
  • Dunn
  • Knowles

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I probably will too.

See I think recruiting is different things. “Evaluation and closing”. Then you also have developing. Which Woz seems to be good at develop somewhat. Sooo… idk man.

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Do people Give McEndoo a pass because his guys don’t get the “ususage” people think they should?

That’s how I look at it.

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That’s fair. I was genuinely curious. I think my mind tends to skip that way as well.

I voted McEndoo (and am leaning toward keeping that vote) because he a) doesn’t bring in talent [Boomer doesn’t count for or against him], b) doesn’t really aim for talent, and c) doesn’t really develop talent. Our best ‘Cowboy Back’ (a position that needs to die already) is a converted QB, for crying out loud.

Joe Bob does seem to have given up on recruiting too, though. Woz…he has another year. I’m really skeptical after completely busting on recruits this year, but he did help Chuba so…he has this year.


Yeah if we were using Jelani as much as the Ravens used Mark Andrews this year I think people would have a more solid opinion one way or another on him. He recruits okay and we see blocking going well most of the time, that’s all I can really evaluate him on.

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