Transfer Portal Thread

It appears we do since Transfer Portal Season is upon us…


Yes we do. Hopefully we don’t have many this year

I’m really surprised that Boomer hit the portal with all the lobbying he did for other players to join the Pokes.

We had an offer out for this guy, who just threw his name in the transfer portal.

Hopefully Gundy has somebody dedicated to watching this thing. We need to go out and get guys like this.


This one really surprises me too. It’s not as though he was not getting PT either…he could have been a game changer.

Is it after seeing Bedlam futility?

He was out with an injury. Torn acl

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He never played a down this year. He might have if he were healthy. If the move is more in line with personal problems like certain sources have indicated, by all means, he needs to do what’s best for him. No hard feelings.

he[quote=“BryanJMetacalf, post:6, topic:3918, full:true”]
He was out with an injury. Torn acl

Exactly. If he was healthy & was upset because of PT as a true fresh, that’s one thing. To be hurt & out, another entirely.

Henson coming in and making waves. Pretty soon he’ll be OC there I imagine.

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Did Henson recruit Boomer?

LOL, I was coming here to post a link to that.

See those three defensive backs from the SEC that haven’t chosen a new school yet? Those are some guys we need to pluck. All 4-star, all with SEC experience, regardless of how much playing time they received.

Also, that offensive tackle from Texas, Urquidez or whatever his last name is. Could be a good one-year rental.

The DL and OL too. Would be a great way to fill those out.

I think we have a much, much better shot with high level transfers than we do high school guys. Would like to see some attention paid to it.

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Also, that Justin Shorter guy who played a bit for Penn State.

Apparently he has some drop issues, and maybe some confidence ones, from the murmurs I’ve seen. But at OSU? He could thrive. Dunn can turn him around easily.


So is the rule of thumb here you get hurt, you sit out a year, and then enter the transfer portal? Without ever stepping foot on the field? I guess this is an unintended consequence of the magical Transfer Portal…

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Tyron had drop issues that got kinda better… but yeah just going him more opportunities would be awesome.

Some of these receivers that choose a school like Penn State or Michigan… talk about not making sense.


I dove into the portal. I noticed that a large majority of the athletes I was looking at had either decommitted from a school, previously transferred, or both. So I decided to randomly scroll and select 25 different player profiles. 18 out of 25 had a decommitment or a transfer already on their resume.

I think after seeing that, I will no longer put much stock into people entering the transfer portal because there will always be someone looking for greener pastures, or listening to the parent/HS coach/girlfriend/etc in their ear that tells them that they are special and deserve to play more.

18/19/20 year old kids don’t necessarily owe anything to the school they attend, and I understand you have to do what is best for you… but what happened to the days of a little loyalty and pride? Being willing to work hard for something even if it was given to someone else? It’s like the first sign of a rough sea and these kids are sounding the alarms and abandoning ship and well quite frankly I just don’t understand.


Miles Battle, WR from Cy Creek in Houston is in the portal at Ole Miss… Kid is an exceptional athlete and we were in his first wave of offers. Would love to continue our problem of having too many talented wide receivers (especially since no one stepped up to fill the role vacated by Stoner when he became the #1 option)


It looks like there are several UT and South Carolina players on there. Those could be because of specific issues.

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I wish someone would actually say what happened with Boomer. I also hope that Gundy will take more of these transfers. Sometimes Gundy will jump on something he doesn’t care for in the beginning. Guess we will see. He did that with the Grad transfer and then sort of with the redshirt.