Transfer Portal Thread

Its personal, I dont think we have any right to know unless he wants us to know…

Yup. And of course, that UCLA kid (can’t recall his name as I type this).

Everyone needs to keep in mind that the transfers count against our 25 per year limit of players taken and we have to stay under 85 total. Thus we can’t just go wild and take everyone. For every transfer taken that is one high school recruit we can’t take. Now we can count some of the transfers forward toward next year if we don’t bring them in till fall, but otherwise they count toward the current class.

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Yes but if they are young and proven then I think it’s beneficial. Getting a know commodity over a possible contributor can be big time. Especially a guy like Tyron Johnson. You have to admit that was a scholarship well spent.

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I’m sure Jelani’s lack of targets is a big eye opener that Gundy likes the thought of the Cowboy Back more than the actual usage of the Cowboy Back. I mean in all honesty Gundy uses them like glorified linemen

I completely agree and we should be looking hard at it. Just want people to realize that it is not a free for all. Plus have to take into account that most of them will have to sit a year. Of course grad transfers don’t and it seems like it is getting easier and easier to get waivers (ie Antwine).


Need to get the transfer portal thread up and going and keep it up dated, they seem to be dropping at least one a day.

We’ve got three DB’s in the portal now? Did I miss the article on them?

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McCune was a while ago. Player a few days ago. Cardwell was yesterday. He’s the only one that bothers me because he actually COULD contribute this next year.


Cardwell was the real surprise to me out of the three. Not a disaster, but makes me curious what is going on because there will be some PT available next year with Green and maybe Rodarious gone.

I hadn’t heard that Justin Rogers is transferring from TCU. He was a monster recruit for them, I guess with Duggan coming on this year while Rogers was injured has scared him off.


Starkel is transferring AGAIN? :joy:


Is this year 10 of his eligibility?

They seriously should rename the Transfer portal the Starkel portal as many times as he has transferred. That has to be some sort of record…


Daxx Garmin might have him beat. Or that guy that called Starkel “a** my dude.”

He seems good.

He fast… Lingard clocked a 4.27 in the 40


Chuba is going to need a backup in 2020 lol


Sorry, I am bored


Don’t be sorry!