Transfer Portal Thread

The WV lineman made it official.


And he looks like we could still get at least two years out of him.

I would rather OSU avoids graduate transfers. Give me the guys who still have some development time to give.


I will take all the 6’6 325 lineman we can get.
But I do agree to your point of getting kids we can develop. This one is a bit more useful to us because of the potential 2 years than the Cal transfer from a few years back (even though the Cal kid was 6’8 and 350).

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To clarify, it would be nice to have someone who can learn the system, and do it in a “relaxed” manner like everyone else, where there is a better chance of creating “buy in”.

I feel like the graduate transfer guys just want to finish a degree…and play football on the side.

No, give me someone who wants to play for us…be really good for us and fill a big need…and also be a good student. If these guys want to have a career in something other than football, then great! That’s a great thing. But if you want to get to the NFL, and be a great player for OSU, come on down, you’re the next contestant on the Price is Right.


I think with the Leadership we are losing, he comes in at a good time. Thats not to say the younger guys wont step up and lead, but certainly becomes another voice for them to listen too. They played a lot of the Younger guys this year and they did pretty well for young guys so I am relatively optimistic about the offensive line next year… For the first time in a LONG time.

I think the grad degree is the last thing most of the guys worry about. I’d sure rather have a four/five year guy in the system as well, but filling holes in the roster with the portal is vital for OSU. And both the guys we have picked up so far are multi-year guys.

Grad transfers haven’t been bad for OSU though. I’m all for them!

18/19/20 year old kids don’t necessarily owe anything to the school they attend, and I understand you have to do what is best for you… but what happened to the days of a little loyalty and pride? Being willing to work hard for something even if it was given to someone else? It’s like the first sign of a rough sea and these kids are sounding the alarms and abandoning ship and well quite frankly I just don’t understand.

Careful. That sounds like a Gundy “rant”. Lol


No, not necessarily. And they’re experienced, obviously. But if we could get a guy who can still play three years, that would be ideal.

Agreed. I’m sure there’s a live by the grad transfer die by the grad transfer too. I just prefer to fill the recruiting holes with them. But if you were to tell me our recruiting losses would end up at OSU eventually, I’m all in.

For that kind of Gundy rant, I am all in. I value loyalty and respect above all else.


Hold up, Pettaway is transferring from WVU? He would be a nice immediate get for next year to spell Chuba, though he’s not exactly a power back.


King to OU?


I think that if OU takes yet another transfer, Rattler deuces out and goes elsewhere.


Probably, but what makes you think that’s in play? Just a random thought? Seems accurate but irrelevant.

Well, Lee mentioned D’Eriq King maybe going to OU as a hypothetical. It’s not out of the realm of possibility either, so King as a Sooner = Rattler gone is not a situation that is ludicrous. I don’t think that Riley risks that, though, personally.

I don’t think Riley cares, necessarily. And from what I gather, Rattler is kind of human garbage.

Fat Pat thinks he’s going to OU.


He may not care, but I think he should. You start making the QB position solely for transfers, you run the risk of other QBs saying ‘why bother going there - I won’t get my shot since they’ll bring in the next hot transfer name’. It may not happen, obviously, but that’s something that you have to be cognizant of.

I hadn’t heard that about Rattler, though. Any reason why?

These high school kids aren’t smart, Doc. They think they’ll go to OU and win a Heisman and get to the league. They don’t look at all the evidence or the facts. Same as a 5* DB just joining the four deep at Alabama or Clemson or Texas. They also think they’ll be able to beat out whoever is in front of them and that they’re the best… mostly because everybody tells them they’re the best.

That’s why the transfer portal could he huge for programs like OSU. These guys will realize they’ll have to wait three years for their shot when they can come to Stillwater and get two years of quality starting time as the best player on the roster immediately… And OSU has all of the same resources and coaching staff that those brand names have…

And with Rattler he got kicked out of his high school before the season started. Had a ton of issues there. Thought he was the best thing since Pop Warner figured out you had to spiral the ball. Got in fights. All kinds of stuff man. Just not a good kid.


That’s absolutely a fair point. I still think that OU needs to be careful, if only because the recrui-you know what, wait a minute. Why in the ever-loving EFF am I outlining what OU should do to stay smart and strong? I want them to crash and burn. Bring in those transfers, Sooners! There’s zero chance that it backfires on you in any way.

I like your point about the transfer portal for OSU too. If we keep utilizing it well, it can pay off. Just look at what we brought in this year - an OL with experience and size that can slot in and bolster the line and a DL that (let’s be fair) should have come to OSU to begin with but was ranked right there along with Trace Ford in terms of talent. Those aren’t super-splashy but they absolutely make the team better.