Transfer Portal Thread

I think it’s just tip of the iceberg too. You better believe guys are watching this and our coaches assigned to work the portal are sending out notes.

I bet we get a few more. Need a corner, right? Another OL can’t hurt. Probably a DT if you can get it.

And yeah it could very easily backfire on OU… But until it does I could totally see Riley going to that well as often as possible.

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For sure. I’d imagine they keep it up, but it only takes one transfer misfire and one elite QB leaving (Vandergriff already decommitted which hurts them a lot more than they let on) to open the door for OSU to kick some Sooner tail.


Is this really a conversation? I mean king is ok, but wouldn’t beat out rattler or mordecai. I think you both have gone to tangent land and left reality.

I don’t think that’s true. Do you even know what Rattler looks like against college competition? Or Modecai? Could be great… But nobody knows.

You know what you get with King. He’s dang good. And fits perfect with Riley’s offense.

Yeah, that’s why Holgy decided after 4 games he should sit out another year to mature and he said, “yeah coach, you’re right.” Then after a few months he decided, I’m too good to be here. I should go elsewhere. Cause he’s just that awesome (in his own mind), and apparently in your mind too. I won’t argue, let’s just wait and see.

This is where program stability goes a long way IMO. Grad transfers have been huge for oSu when recruiting hasn’t been effective. I hope Gundy will embraces the portal as we move forward. If you aren’t passionate about selling HS recruits it would make sense to target kids that have been mislead by other programs.

Anyone with that transfer portal thread? Maybe just the current numbers? ou seems to be losing a lot this year for some reason. Curious if any of em were Poke recruits.

IMO that is because OU has improved it’s recruiting with the past 2 classes. We are seeing a similar occurrence with Spencer recruits leaving after Knowles first two classes recruiting. Some of that is fit, but more of it is Knowles guys are playing early IMO.

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Not to mention, it would be very hard for ou to recruit high schools QBs. First Baker, then kyler, finally jalen.


Man, his character in that movie scared me.


“Then you’re gonna love me.” :laughing:

Logan Rudolph in the transfer portal. :grimacing:

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Jk. He’s retiring… :roll_eyes:

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Apparently he’s graduating this semester and is going to pursue acting after that.


So he still has eligibility? I can’t remember if he redshirted (assuming he did). How would that work if he came back? Would he be considered a FA or would still be tied to Clemson?

Yeah, this past season was his RS Sophomore year, so he has 2 years left, so technically he could decide to come back and still play if he wanted, but it would have to be within the next 2 years, because once your eligibility clock starts, it doesn’t stop - i.e. a guy couldn’t play for 2 years, leave for 5 and come back and play 2 more. And he would be a grad transfer, so essentially a free agent.

Cole Goodnight just hit the list. Sophomore wide receiver from Tahlequah.

We’re already thin there, this ones gonna sting


We are WRU ! Of course we’ll be fine .