Two Inches and a Gut Punch: Putting a Big 12 Heartbreaker in Perspective

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Where do the Cowboys go from here? A NY6 bowl.

No worries we are use to being just alittle short for about I don’t know… how long has gundy been coach?. Maybe next year.

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I dnt fill for gundy haters. Most only like football. Some like basketball.
The same gundy haters are the one who were behide a big contact for boynton and Knowles for the simple fact their not gundy.

For alot of osu fans. We have had to deal with disappointment in bigger ways.
Golf team not making regional along with baseball.
Do u know how many 2nd osu have. We have tons of teams in elite 8. It’s only gotten worse. Now the girls have been doing it. In softball golf tennis equestrian.

I’m disappointed heck yes. Am I more disappointed with a football team that was thought to be 5th place. Did a miracle job to be so close to winning it. Or, a golf team thought to be the best collegiate team every losing to Texas in the semi’s.

So listen u crying just erks me that there are sad people out there.

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I have no idea what you were trying to say.

Ok great. I changed a couple of words. If u still can’t I dont know what to say. Maybe ur priest could help u out.
I’m not rewriting the whole thing in proper English for u. Sorry

I’m not trying to be the grammar or spelling police, but, my gosh, your post is just incoherent.

I think you were trying to say that OSU fans have other disappointments besides this football loss like golf and baseball and equestrian. Perhaps that is so, but I imagine most fans really don’t care what happens in golf or baseball; I for sure don’t care about equestrian–which isn’t even a NCAA sanctioned sport. Do I want those programs to be successful? Sure, but in the grand scheme, they don’t matter. Football does. Basketball does. For a program like OSU, wrestling does. Thinking that minor sport success (or failure) compares to success (or failure) in football is what has led to OSU football mediocrity for so many decades. It’s just been in the last couple of decades that OSU brass and fans have realized that football is king.

Further, if you think that the softball team consistently making the WCWS is somehow a bad thing, well, you are probably as drunk as your incoherent ramblings would indicate.


I guess it’s the subject I got lost in ut post. I never found out what sports are important to u. Football and softball?.
My point is , I will make it clear.

As a fan of all the sports I have seen more heartache then a few loses in the football program.

I have also heard abunch of genius explain to me how gundy has ruin the football program. In the same breathe want boynton to be hired for life.

I think all cowboy fans want what’s best. That said gundyhaters are not good fans.

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Watching the game, thinking about it afterwards, I know the narrative is that the loss should be put on Spencer for the 4 INTs. But, with the exception of the first one, these were not his typical INTs of years past.
The first, the WR was clearly held and Spencer was throwing to a spot - where the WR would have been without the hold. Still probably shouldn’t have thrown in there. So yeah, that one is definitely on him.
Second and third, Spencer was hit from behind while throwing. Maybe you could argue he held onto it too long, but it looked pretty quick to me. O-line gave him very little protection.
Fourth, that was just a deflection, something he can hardly be faulted for.

IF OSU wants to get back next year - do everything possible to keep Knowles and also improve the O-line. Get some juco players or transfers. Whatever. The O-line was a weak point nearly all season, just like last year. You can blame injuries, but two years in a row suggests the training and conditioning isn’t what it should be. OSU’s O-line used to be elite when Wickline was the O-line coach. Henson has had 4 years now to show what he’s able to do, and right now I think he deserves a lot more scrutiny than does the OC.


Ur rite on the recievers. They need to get bulked up.
Last few games it’s been proven they can’t get off the line clean. Dez needs to come and show them how to do it.

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Listening to you keep supporting a coach that keeps proving he can’t win championships Erks our ears as well. Baylor and Cincinnati will be the front runners of the Big 12 conference in the future.

You would be correct soothsayer. I wouldn’t even bother with Robert. He’s the type that will tell you you’re wrong even if you were trying to agree with him.

Head coaches who are afraid of winning championships aren’t great coaches. Especially when they don’t have to play OU for one.

I see ur still ignore all the questions.

So let me get this straight. Baylor is leading us. Last year it was Campbell, some reason he is a bum now.
I now this will change next year but Baylor rite.
Ur like jello I never have a spoon when I talk to u.

Why not let him walk? According to Robert, the defense “didn’t do their job” to win the Big 12 championship.

Henson isn’t here any longer. He’s been gone since 2018 I believe. Dickey is the one that’s been here.

What happened to Gundy after he returned 17 starters for the 2017 season? He was predicted to play for a conference title that year. Maybe you can remind me?

Also, Gundy went 4-7 his first year at OSU and then 6-6 his second year.

Aranda, in just his second year at Baylor, took a two win team and won a Big 12 championship.

Now, are there anymore stupid comparisons you want to add? Because no matter how much you try to defend Gundy there will always be a legitimate counter comparison to him.

It’s not hard to compare other coaches to a guy that hasn’t won anything meaningful in a decade. What is so hard for you to understand about that?

We had 4 more seniors this year then Baylor.
Now look I’m going to explain this slow so u can get it.
Baylor has players. Did Baylor do a nice job last year sure.
Was last year because they lost all their players from their title game. No

Baylor did a chitty job with the virus. They were players short because of the virus. It wasn’t like Baylor got their ess kicked. Oh yes by us.
Baylor lost 3 games by 7 and 3 by 13. So if they did better with the virus would they had been 2 and 7 yes.

Joey u still dnt answer why teams like Tulane Indiana isu arnt ur favorites.
I’m sure u will sleep tonite and come up with new teams.

If Gundy goes to Tulane or Indiana does he do better?

Gundy has nothing to do with u saying Tulane is a good team. That’s all on u just saying anything and everything.
I never said gundy would make ku Tulane and Indiana better. I do see the new ku coach is making them better. And no grass was hurt.
The whole thing is u just want to win. Nothing wrong with that. But, when it doesn’t happen dnt explain why or why other teams do. There are reason for every win or lose. U are just to simple to understand.

What frustrates me after a few days of Baylor fans acting like idiots is they didn’t really pay a price for the BS they pulled. 52 rape accusations against 31 players and they got a $5,000 fine and some recruiting penalties. That’s pretty sick.

The team did really well this year. It sucks to see them fall short. We have too many people who think it’s easy to get over that hump and want to fire Coach Gundy. If we were honest with ourselves we’d see we are the envy of 99% of the other non-bluebloods. I’m not willing to do what Baylor did to be better.