UMass Tight End Transfer Josiah Johnson Commits to Oklahoma State

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Johnson has caught 50 passes for 465 yards and five touchdowns in his career.

This guy realizes he won’t be getting the ball right?


This guy with a lil mor weight is a tight end. Shultz could go back to defense

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Seems like we have a S^%T ton of TE’s on the roster. Am I missing something?

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OK ill propose an answer to my own question. Perhaps we are planning on losing the other Green twin

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We have a lot of guys playing te. Big difference between have alot of true te. Green and owens will move back to wide outs or slots. Green hasnt done enough to take that risk of going to the portal. Does he want to be another sanders.

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Maybe Green can move back to WR but I wonder if he is now too big and a step too slow to be a WR and that is why they moved him to TE. I guess we will see unless of course he portals out

If I remember correctly, Green moved to TE his first year due to Carter, Schultz and Cassidy getting hurt to add depth. Stayed there this year because Carter is gone.


Yep and he was a little small for the position but I got the impression that with a little work they thought they could fix that.

My gut tells me we will see more 12 personnel next year so Green may stay put and not go back to WR.

If we do, Green and the new addition could be the pass catching Y’s and the others would be the blocking H’s.

Complete guess, but 12 personnel would also help with a run game.


The goal is to convert them into lineman since we can’t seem to get or keep enough of those.

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@bill18 I like @Laces-Out-Marino answer better.


Thats polite since bills is wrong. Actually we had a linemen move over to cowboy back. None of the guys we got are big enough to play line

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Unfortunately that lineman had to medically retire

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This story remind me of him. We have along list of guys gone from the oline in the last 3 years. 3 retired, 2 just left, 2 got kicked off. And at least 5 tranfer.
This is the reason for poor line play.

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Piss poor coaching and development as well. You forgot to add that in there.

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No i did not forget. Coming from a guy who cant tell the difference betwenn a cownoy bavk and a linemen, i wouldnt think you could tell how bad coaching wad happening.

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I don’t even know why we waste the time to recruit TE’s. We had an NFL TE and he might as well have been sitting with me in the stands.


I do believe woods would have been used more his last year for a couple of reason.
If were not getting te to walk on. I would rather recruit a te then convert guys. None have the size of a te.

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  1. Regardless if we’ve had lineman leave we’ve had some transfer in.

  2. The lineman that leave aren’t starting at other schools (with the exception of Bray).

  3. We haven’t averaged 5 yards per rush since 2019. This season we ranked 114th in yards per rush (tied with Nebraska). Our average yards per rush the last three seasons has been under 4 yards per rush (3.9).

  4. We aren’t replacing the ones that leave with equal talent. It’s either that or we have a development problem, or play calling issue that doesn’t match the strengths of our offensive line (if there are any).

  5. All you do is biotch about injuries and make excuses for the losses and lack of running game. A some point in time Dickey (and Dunn) have to figure something out. These guys are getting paid a great salary for what they do, and it’s their JOB to improve the players and program.