Update: AJ Ferrari's Burglary Charge Dismissed, Expunged from Record

Originally published at: Update: AJ Ferrari's Burglary Charge Dismissed, Expunged from Record | Pistols Firing

Ferrari was charged with one count of third-degree burglary and one count of petit larceny for a July 17 incident.

Strange behavior as a result of brain trauma from car accident?


Sounds like his life is spiraling out of control. Sad.

Yea he needs to get help quick

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He needs to be in jail. That’s the only hope he has for help.


That hilarious coming from you. I the talk about you sticking up for miles and briles, no jail time was never mentioned by you.

What do you think those players were doing. You thought the should be playing nothing wrong.

You really are a loser

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When did I ever say they were innocent? When did I ever say they should’ve continued playing? Dam you’re stupid!!!

You said many times that briles convicts were fine

Dnt lie

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Yea Miles , Briles players were all fine as long as they win. That’s what college is all about , right. Don’t go to class, party till dawn , yea that’s the ultimate

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This kid is really out of control, is he taking some kind of drug or the concussion for his behavior ? Whatever it is someone needs to be able to get a handle on him. That rant against Smith was as ignorant as it gets

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All I ever said was they’re innocent until proven guilty. I don’t condone what Briles did, but there is two sides to every story. Thank goodness you’re not an attorney.

How were any of us supposed to know stuff was being swept under the rug? I can’t make accusations of something that’s unknown at the time.

You both act like Briles just went and got a bunch of top 25 recruiting classes and told them all they can do whatever the hell they feel like at Baylor. What you probably don’t know is in his 8 seasons at Baylor he only had one top 25 recruiting class which ranked #25. That’s it!!! Keep making excuses for the mullet though.

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Why was he fired why was everyone involved fired. You play your innocent card. What every excuses you need.

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I didn’t see his rant against Coach Smith. Where was it and what did he say?

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For the crimes that were committed and eventually found out to be swept under the rug. Whether you think the guy is a piece of chit or not is irrelevant to what you’re claiming.

You’re claiming Baylor was only able to bring in talented thugs to make their program better. I’m pointing out to you that in 8 seasons at Baylor his best recruiting class was 25th. While Gundy had three top 25 recruiting classes in his first 7 seasons as the OSU HC. So what does that mean to you?

Look first off all recruiting classes were really no accurate they we just starting. Its better today but still not perfect.

Second i thought all those guys were innocent

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Recruiting classes had been around for 12 years before Briles won his first conference title with Baylor.

They’re innocent until proven guilty. It’s something called Due Process. Did they not teach you this at your fake junior college.

Yes but not gundy.

You say the players are innocent. But then your ok with everyone getting fire. Joy at his best double standards

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AJ aside, as sad as it is… Can we get spell check on some of these articles??? :upside_down_face:

Your missing the big picture. We know there over 20 cases. There could have been more. When were they just in his first 4 years. Even 8 years would be 3 players a year. Which players. More then likely weren’t walkons.

We have seen what kicking players off can do. With both gundy boynton smith. All on guys just being charged.

So the point is would brilrs been able to create a good yeam while running a clean program.
I dnt care if the program is clean now. These coach may not been here if briles ran a different program. He may have won. We know he didnt vet his recruits.

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