Upon further review

Continuing the discussion from Reader Thoughts: Tailback U and a Compelling Stat from the 1990s:

Kyle Porter: further research of the 1990 rushing season shows that Darren Lewis played in 12 regular season games, because if a team plays at Hawaii, then that team can exceed the normal 11 game limit of that era. This exemption is so that Hawaii does not have to travel excessively to the mainland. To my point, players were awarded rushing titles based on per game averages and thus Hudson’s 1642/11 = 149.2 beats Darren Lewis’ 1691/12 = 140.9. Hudson was named the 1990 rushing champion. One can look up rushers today and they are still ranked by yards per game, although they have to play in 75% of their teams games. So Tim was correct.

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